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Category: Stories

Character: Kana Tatsugami

Age: 15-18

Appearances: Slim, long silver hair with violet reflections, purple/violet eyes.

Power (if story requires): During battle/fight, Kana gains the power of a wolf beast, she grows black wolf ears, a black wolf tail, claws come out of her knuckles, her upper canine teeth grow bigger, and her eyes turn gold with a wolf eye cut. She also gains speed and strength.

Personality: She is not very outgoing, and because she doesn’t know always how to express her feelings, she can be shy at times, although she is polite and helps other as much as she can. Even though she is introvert, she does not let herself be bullied, or taken advantage off, in fact, she does not let other be bullied/hurt. Because of her pretty appearances and cute smile, Kana doesn’t seem to be dangerous or unapproachable, but when angry or feel betrayed her dark side comes out.

Additional information: Because of Kana wolf beast powers, she has a special relationship with canines and she can communicate with them, she also has more strength during the full moon, and last she enjoys eating meat, and dislike deeply vegetables and fruit. She enjoys music, nature, and outdoor activities.

Background: Kana was born to a poor family, and because of the parents struggles, they decided to give her away to a caring couple. She does not know if she has any siblings, and she vaguely remember her real parents. She grew surrounded by love and respect, her adoptive parents thought her how to fight and defend herself and how to always protect the weaker and the ones in need. (rest of the story changes in based of the roleplay)


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