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Gender: Female

Age: 22
Country: United States

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August 08, 2018


08/09/2018 12:55 PM 

About Bloom- Alicorn

Name: Princess Bloom Sparx
Age: TBA
Type: Alicorn. 
Powers: Fire based
Hometown: A place past Dragon territory.
Best friend: Is Stella
animal companion: Bunny- Kiko
Status: Single
Gender: female-Mare
preference: Straight.
best Changing freind: Locket-filly 
Bloom, used to be the normal earth pony, however, it wasn't until she learned that she was actually a princess of a different  and forgotten land called  the Fire land, she had found out due to the reign of the Old King Sombra, The King and Queen sent bloom to ponyville when was just a young filly, the queen sealed her powers to be a normal pony until she truly found out who she was and where she belonged.
Bloom can be a bit of adventure she loves to read books and explore new places,  She can be a bit too excited at the time and doesn't quite think things out before acting. however, she tries to make up for what she doesn't understand with the knowledge that she does know.


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