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MysitcWolf family (MCRP)

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August 27th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 28
Country: United States

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August 08, 2018


08/09/2018 02:40 PM 


Yup like any other rper that ive rp with or seen these are the basic i would like to go by if you dont like it then you can go a head and delete me right now but here we go

1. NO starting off with do you want to do the dirty with me
2. NO freaken god mood people 
3. Yes i do reply so because my brain is not like use to be in my teens sadly and hard for me to come up with a reply
4. I do have a real life and it gets in the way a lot 
5. If i dont reply back right away then remember number 3. and dont being bugging me about it
6. No drama on stuff unless it happens in rps that go alone with the story 

thats it for now but please do sign and lets talk 

Thank you so much Mysticwolf Family 


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