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Category: Resources


Name: Minuet
Meaning: Slow and stately dance music written in triple time
Alias: None
Nickname: Min-mi
Age: 18
Sexuality: Demisexual


Species: Mobian
Race: Ferret
Gender: Female
Height: 3'
Weight: 67 lbs
Body Type: Lithe
Skin Tone: Peachy
Scars: None
Eye Color: Lavender
Eye Shape: Large, angular, long lashes
Fur Color: Grey
Hairstyle: Shoulder length, fluffy, curls inwards at the ends
Other: Small pointy ears, long tail
Voice: High-pitched and pleasant, has a bit of an accent
Clothing: Black pants with lacey slits halfway up the legs, brown shoes, white frilly shirt, light purple vest with a pocket
Accessories: White gloves, white jabot with a red gem, chain and pocket watch


Mental Illnesses: None
Alignment: Neutral Good
MBTI: ISFJ ("The Defender")
Goal: Simply to make sure all Chao in her care are given an education

Positive Traits: Kind-hearted, trusting, gentle
Neutral Traits: Book-smart
Negative Traits: Overly worried, anxious, self-sacrificing

Quirks: She's always tired, and isn't exactly a good cook
Habits: Twiddling her fingers
Hobbies: Going on walks, singing with the Chao, drawing, sewing, dancing
Likes: The night sky, snow, Chao, rain, wind instruments, cooking for other people
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, sunflowers, dirt/dust, spicy food, lack of free will, nightmares


  • Speed: Being a ferret, Minuet is quite a fast runner. It's her best skill in terms of battle.
  • Agility: Due to her learning ballet from a young age, Minuet can be very flexible and agile, giving her a better chance to dodge other's attacks when combined with her speed.
  • Defense: Physically, Minuet is relatively weak and easy to knock down. 
  • Stamina: Between her natural sleepiness and the speed she has to keep up, she gets worn out quickly. Thus, she has to get something taken care of as fast as she can.
  • Pirouette: Minuet spinning on one foot, raised foot touching the knee of the supporting leg before kicking out at enemies
Other Skills
  • Ballet: Minuet has been taught ballet from a very young age. Thus, she's very good at it, as she keeps up with practice even now. She hopes to even teach her Chao students one day!
  • Singing and Flute: While she doesn't make it too obvious, Minuet has a good singing voice and has learned to play the flute. It becomes incredibly helpful in teaching her students, as a lot of the Chao seem to like her music. She never says who taught her however, she only states that it was "an old friend she met long ago".


Home: Unknown (tbd)
Current Location: Station Square
Alliance: Independent
Occupation: Chao Kindergarten Teacher
Team: None
Role: Speed
Family: Unknown
Other: Rest the Chao


Early Life

    Information pending.

Adventure 2

    Minuet acts as the teacher of the Chao Kindergarten, teaching the Chao all she knows about music among other subjects. While she doesn't have much an impact on the events that go on, she does encounter the likes of those such as Eggman. Minuet can only suppose that even a brooding amnesiac hedgehog, a mad scientist, and a daring jewel thief can't help but enjoy the company of the peaceful teardrop-shaped creatures.


Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthday: November 30th
Favorite Food: Cake
Favorite Color: White and Lavender
Favorite Flower: Snowdrop
Favorite Season: Winter
Voiceclaim: Cynthia Cranz (as Botan)
Main Theme: After The Dream


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