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Inuyasha was the most pathetic creature. So pathetic, this Sesshomaru refused to call him 'brother' or any other variation of the relationship neither of them would have chosen to exist between them. He was the physical manifestation of his father, Touga's, infidelity and betrayal, leaving his powerful mother to have... relations with a weak human woman. Inuyasha shouldn't have survived childbirth and Sesshomaru could have seen to it himself. What would it have done? Father was already dead, throwing his life away for both pathetic creatures he'd left his mother and him for and Inuyasha stood no chance of inheriting the territory. He was as worthless as he was pathetic- now, using his own life to protect another human woman. He hadn't strived to become stronger, Inuyasha had lowered himself to the mercy of humans.


and, then, in a moment he knew. His father had seen Rin all along. He'd seen her in some mysterious, unvoiced epiphany, knocking his son from the center of his own universe...
and, he would let her.
But, he knew Sesshomaru wouldn't lose being the center of his own universe without a fight- he would need healing. They both would. 
Separating Tenseiga from Tessaiga had been a blessing, not a curse.
And, then he knew his father had seen Rin.


When you live for so long, knowing it will be centuries before death even remembers you exist- what is happiness? What purpose does sadness, anger, or fear serve? Why waste one's time on flighty things like love and friendship? When your destiny is ruthless, unequivocal power, why bother with something like caring for another? Especially, one as weak and fragile as a human?


In the morning, the warmth that usually settled at his lower back was no more. He woke to the sounds of a dying fire, bolstered only by the sounds of the surrounding forest and Jaken's horrific snoring. It was familiar in every way it had become strange. This was how it used to be before a single human changed everything. Her mere presence even the way he freed himself from the comforting tendrils of sleep. A moment of self-indulgence allowed him but a moment to glance behind him, confirmation that she was no longer there. She was safe, in Kaede's village, now, with her own kind. No matter the lack of warmth- it was the right thing to do for Rin. He didn't care if she thought of mornings past now.


The whispers are cruel and looks full of open accusation. The perverse ideas of humans are easy for him to dispel, but wonders if they touch her ears. Every visit begins the same, with a warm smile and an embrace that causes the others to hold their breath in anticipation. No other would dare to touch him in such a manner, surely she must be under a spell. The demon lord's little whore is what the other villagers call her, though she's still too young to understand such vitriol. The fine kimonos and jewelry are their envy, their quiet conversations are the fuel for their ugly fires. Not for the first time, he wonders if he's made the right decision leaving her here. Humans are such conniving, cowardly creatures. She was much too strong for them and she always would be.


At night, he took to watching the moon and stars as a form of meditation. They were calm and consistent, wrapping around a world of chaos. She sat next to him, as always, but remained oblivious to the sky with her eyes solely focused on him. At first, it unnerved him but he said nothing. Over time, he realised he was the only moon and stars in her sky. He was the calm wrapped around her small world of pain and madness. Her staring was no longer curiosity, but knowledge. To her, he was life and she might as well stare at him to contemplate whatever thoughts she had in regard to the short one she'd already lived and died in. The sky he stared at no longer mattered to her while he remained tangible, for one could never reach the moon and stars, could they?



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