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08/09/2018 11:35 PM 

Personal HeadCannons about Rei

So these are some Headcannon I have about Rei since we really don't know to much about her.
Some of these are big ones, others are just cute little things.

HC 1- Rei has struggles controlling her quirk as if can be linked to her emotions at times. Such as if she is scared or worried, without realizing either Ice will form upon her body or on something she touches. The only way to stop this is to calm her down or snap her out of her thoughts.

HC 2- Due to the cold temperatures of her body Rei is Actually rather frail. Her hands to tremble a bit but not enough to notice. 

HC 3- In her youth she did get Ill a lot due to her cold body temperature. However as she got older than happened less and less.

HC 4- Rei Can sing, and can actually do so rather beautifully

HC 5- Shocker! Her favorite season is Winter

HC 6- Rei was a U.A Student but due to her quirk instability (HC 1) She ended up never getting her hero license.

HC 7- In her Youth Rei was a bubbly girl who loved to make friends, play around and just have fun. She did however while she seemed so laid back, studied harder than most behind the scenes 

That is all I have for now I will add more as I go and come up with them.


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