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08/10/2018 01:52 PM 

( BNHA / SAMPLE #1 ) - A Moment of Weakness

It's often believed that heroes are the pinnacle of all things good. No harm can be done to your impervious guardian; they're impossible to take down, RAH! It would be inconceivable to believe that such a tragedy could even occur.

It would seem, however, that victory is not always the case. Well, that isn't entirely true. Completing a mission & saving a life is by no means impossible. Through the greatest of adversity, heroes have been trained time-and-time again to deal with just that: the impossible. Under no circumstances should failure ever occur, nor should be public, but what if -- w-what -- if, success came at a price? Through one's selfless nature and inability to let the happiness of one escape, the opportunity to save presented itself in the worst of ways?

For Mirio, it was a bitter-sweet conclusion. The look of hope -- of LIGHT upon her face was too priceless to let her suffer anymore. He couldn't bear to see her unhappy any longer, but again... That moment was almost a blur. So many things went down that even he had trouble relaying to the staff, let alone his peers. All I could think at the time was, 'Hey! That's not fair to Eri-chan! She shouldn't have to shoulder the burdens of a life given to her unfairly! I saw her flinch for a moment, and it broke my heart to see those developed habits from the trauma Chisaki put her through... It really ticked me off, but I think she understood that... It's why when I saw her face again, she could feel what I felt, and I didn't want to see her like that... I did what I could do that was best for the situation: sacrifice.

When the bullet penetrated and the solution began to spread, I couldn't feel it. I think that was my adrenaline kicking in, and all I could do was fight my way out of the situation! I-I-I had to! There was no question about it; no doubt in my mind that a life was still on the line, even though mine may have passed... I gave all that I could, but in the end... in the... e-end, it came at a cost...'

It was just a memory, but the thought always ran in his mind, particularly around the time of physical rehabilitation. There he was, walking on the treadmill. Through all of his classes, he's never really known the effects of having lost his quirk. The therapists said much of it was theory, as it's very unlikely that could happen naturally. It's almost as if the pain of not knowing how, or why hurt him more than actually losing his ability to permeate.

Despite his efforts, however, no stride was perfect. He stumbled, unbeknownst to the nurse and her aides. A swift tumble, the pangs of metal sliding down the conveyor belt before he gripped his knee. Wincing, he tried his best not to tear up; the tumble was painful. Everything was sensitive. He couldn't tell what was going on half the time from all of the drugs that they described as "treatments".

This wasn't a way to life. He knew it.

It's nothing more than a band-aid fix. He felt miserable throughout it all, but there's a part that became dependent on one particular drug. It's what was used to correct the equilibrium distribution in his head. Whenever that's off, your balance is off. With his balance off most of the time, he'd stumble or be forced to hold on to someone, and the staff couldn't have that happening.

It'd ruin their reputation, let alone his.

"Mirio! Oh... not again... Are you ok? Can you stand?"

"I'm... I-I'm t-trying... I can do it; I WILL DO IT! J-Just... stand back, p-please... I need to do this for myself...! I've relied on you all... for what feels like forever... I-I can't move past this if I can't bring myself up -- that's not fair to anyone!"

With a firm hold on the metal chassis, he attempted to leverage himself up. HHHHHHNG, failure. And again, and again, and again - and again. Three attempts turned into seven, which turned into ten minutes of fumbling about, and from there it became a half hour. He was winded at this point, panting while frustratingly slamming his fist against the ground as if it would alleviate the stress that came with redeveloping basic motor skills.

He brought himself to his knees as digits clutched the fabric of his pants. His grip tightened amidst hte breathing before what could be described as tears streamed on through.

He felt pathetic. All of the hope, the optimism & happiness that once flourished. GONE. A pit burrowed itself deep within his heart which tried its best to recuperate. Emotionally.

Through the darkness, though, something reached out to him. A voice, rather; it was familiar. The chuckle of an older man -- a cheeky, lifeless chuckle. W-Was it... him? SIR!? I've always appreciated the lengths you will go to exceed all expectations, Mirio. You're my brightest pupil. While I'm not around anymore, you seemed to have forgotten what I said before my passing. You might... well, not understand it right now, but you'll become an amazing hero. I saw it with my own quirk; I couldn't tell you, but trust me when I say it. Believe in yourself! There's nothing you can't overcome, and I've seen it time-and-time again. Now get up, Mirio!

In that moment, a burst of energy emerged from within, biding his time from the ground to muster the strength necessary to get up. He staggered for a bit, feeling lightheaded and airy at a quick jolt to both feet, b-but... but, he wasn't using a device of any kind; no brace, nor hold to bring himself together. HE DID IT!

Out of sheer happiness, hept in the air, clicking his heels together before stumbling about upon landing. Tears beagn to dry up, and he turned around to give the nurse a thumbs up, to which everyone in the room clapped.

Nothing was impossible. Even in his darkest moment, he persevered. With a little help, of course. Thanks, Sir!


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