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September 18th, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
Country: Japan

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September 12, 2018


09/12/2018 08:32 PM 


Name: Akkau Kurokawa

Age: True age unknown, approximation 20s
Gender: male
Status: Single
Orientation: Love is love I guess...
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red and or yellow (dependent)

Before we begin I will say this. I learned heroes and good guys are fables, myths of people who do good and are good. Good people die, no justice, nothing. Just a corpse and people crying. No one grew, nothing changed, and their morals didn’t help or save anyone.
Ha well you want to know about me? I’m just a guy who goes place to place and does his own thing. What that is? Well... I’m not exactly a fan of legal, it’s dull and no fun. So... I sell what ever I want, and do what ever I want. I’m known for murder, torture, theft, arms trade, drug trade, merc work, assassinations... I do it if the price and prize is right. No matter where or when or the opponent. Oh and I should mention that I’m not exactly fully human. Long back I was offered a chance to be more, had some kinda weird magic infused nano machines implanted into me now they make up about as much of me as I do. No clue what makes them work or anything, killed the guy who made them; thought because he put them there he owned me.


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