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Herein is a list of my Headcanons for Toshinori Yagi, AKA: All Might. For those unaware, a Headcanon is a fan-made idea/concept about one or more aspects of a fictional story/verse that is not confirmed/supported canonically in the aforementioned series.

  1. Toshinori was born June 10, 1945, acquired his Quirk May 4, 1960, graduated from U.A. April 14, 1963, and made his famous debut November 17, 1964, wherein he rescued an entire city from a massive earthquake singlehandedly.
  2. Toshinori's father was among the civilians who died in the bombing of Hiroshima. He was the captain of a fishing boat and was there on business the day it happened. Toshinori and his mother were home in Yokohama during the incident before moving in with Toshinori's mother's family in Shinano, who operated a boarding house. Toshinori still lives in this home today and returns there on the weekends.
  3. Toshinori was once married, but he eventually asked his wife to separate from him for her safety. They were never divorced, but she separated herself from his life after many debates on the matter, and Toshinori keeps his ring stored in a small wooden chest, along with memorabilia from his youth. He hasn't had contact with his wife since they separated.
  4. Toshinori has outlived all members of his known family, but he still tries his best to take care of his grandparents' home. Though at times, he feels sad and lonesome because of this.
  5. The main reason for Toshinori's longevity is due to the One For All Quirk, which has recently left him. With that life-sustaining force no longer a part of him, he worries that he'll likely die soon due to either his old age or the wound sustained from fighting All For One.
  6. Toshinori, to nobody's surprise, loves helping those he can. When he sees that the people he's helped feel genuinely happy, it then makes him happy in return and eases several of his concerns and worries.
  7. Toshinori often sees Izuku Midoriya as a surrogate son, and the lad's personality and actions often remind the Hero of how many people still need his presence and attention. It's likely that without Midoriya's positive influence that Toshinori would sink into solitude and excessive melancholy.
  8. Toshinori often feels guilty about his limits generated from the wound sustained when fighting All For One. He feels as though if he had kept a clear head during that fight, he could have avoided taking such a serious blow and blames himself for not being able to continue doing Hero work, especially if there's a person he can't save.
  9. When not in his Hero Form, Toshinori tends to shy away from the public eye and doesn't like others to pay attention to his True Form. After his True Form was exposed to the world, he's been adjusting to the public's opinions and attention and hiding out more.
  10. Toshinori is honestly not worried about being Quirkless, and it never bothered him during his youth. Quirks were rarer to have, and only about 20% of the population had one during this time, so those with Quirks were more ostracized than the Quirkless.
  11. Toshinori attended The Beatles' Japanese tour and owns several pieces of their merchandise, especially their older records. He signed an All Might figure for John Lennon in exchange for an autograph for the Help! album. Toshinori still has this album stored away.
  12. Many parts of Toshinori's internal organs were harshly damaged or removed after his fight with All For One, including his liver. He has a harder time processing liquids because of this, and can't drink alcohol anymore.
  13. Toshinori owns a vacation home in Wasilla, Alaska. He often contemplates moving there permanently, but can't bring himself to leave Midoriya or his childhood home.
  14. Toshinori is the type of person who prefers to shoulder his own burdens and doesn't prefer talking about them. He'd rather help others with their problems than unload his problems unto them.


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