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Ren The Alien Shifter

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September 21st, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 25
Country: United States

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September 13, 2018


09/13/2018 10:45 PM 

Ren's rules and information

1: No first person rping. Do not call Ren or my side character "me" or "you". They have nothing to do with me aside of me thinking of their story.

2: Ren may be a femboy, but he will not be a packing extra's dream. And will not be an "exception" to other types. Sorry but I don't appreciate the thought you guys would only enjoy my company if you'll get to dom over me, find some other femboy.

3: I may be a multi character soon, but only 1 character will be taken and Ren will be the only character used. The others will be side characters that may appear depending on story. The genre's selected are also with said side characters in mind.

4: Sorry those who think this will be easy, but greeting with straight up flirting will not work on me. You have to prove yourself, and no I am not making a like/dislike chart. No one will split second edit their character to match what Ren wants.

5: Ren would only date another femboy type if they are good enough. However another male isn't what he seeks so it will be much harder.

6: Have some effort in your replies and don't make it hard to get a rp going.


I delete/deny suspicious accounts.

I remove people who stop talking or no longer reply after a set period of time without any reason why.

I know a majority of the questionable accounts already so any requests sent by them will be denied.

I'm very nice ooc, but steer clear of rl talk. Any attempt to get personal will be dodged or possibly ignored for a bit. Sorry but I'm not here to make bonds in rl or find out how someone else rl is.

Oh yeah, because of the S&L, I will not accept off the bat romance. So have something other than romance in mind if you are adding me. If you want to get close to Ren, earn it and then it may happen.

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-- Penelope.

Posted on Thu Sep 13, 2018, 12:40

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