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Ren The Alien Shifter

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September 21st, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 25
Country: United States

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September 13, 2018


09/13/2018 12:04 PM 

Ren's bio

Name: Ren (Note: Subject does not have a last name.)

Age: Unknown however looks like an 18 year old.

Gender: Appears male though prefers not to be listed as anything.

Race: Same as gender, it prefers not to say.

Orientation: Only shows interest in women. However some reaction has been recorded in those who dress similar to it.

Height: 5'6

Weight: Unable to be recorded. Sometimes the weight says 120, there has been times where the subject has stepped on the scale only for it to break. Further experiments been denied.

Likes: "Redacted"

Dislikes: "Redacted"

Explanation: Subject says it is one but yet few. It has also known to have intense moments of just staring up at the sky. Shows some disgust in the treatment of nature and seems to bounce between being absent minded and genius at random intervals. We have reason to believe this is either a mental patient or something more. However more tests cannot be ran due to the subject disappearing after the first test.

old bio:

Ren hails from alternate world where things are a little weird. Boys dress in female clothing and a little more feminine, and females dress in male clothing and more of a tomboy. There it is strange when a male dresses and acts like the ones you see today and a female as such.
Ren however used to be one of the people, until he found the truth out about what he really was from his dying parents. One day that was supposed to be like any other, his parents fell deathly ill which forced him to spend most of the day with them, however when night time came around. Instead of resting, he found them both mustering up what strength they could to enter his room, calling him to fallow them.
Ren does in fact fallow them where they proceeded to lead him to an area far away from their home and into a forest like area where they begin to speak to him mentally much to his shock. As they rested against the tree they would inform him that they were outcast aliens who came to live on the earth and as Ren saw them, and how he saw himself was all an image made by them. They explained to him that they have been protecting him from their own race who wanted to use him as a warrior and it wasn't the life they wanted for him so they fled here.
They would go on to explain that he was unique in the fact that not only could he morph into powerful beings just like them, but he could use any powers associated with the being. Once he became stronger he would be able to split off his forms to be their own beings, ,the more he got used to it, the longer he would be able to hold it. That means Ren would be able to be in 7 places at once, himself and the 6 beings within him.
They do not know what these forms are but they estimate that he has 3 male forms and 3 female forms that he would need to figure out on his own. After letting him know of this, despite being shocked about everything, his mom pulled out a gun like object that once shot created a portal to another world. After saying goodbye, they would push him into it for his safety against the threat and hopes he could live a full good life to his liking. There he would end up in this new world.
Ren can be a little absent minded at times and sometimes even space out, but when he's not doing any of those he is shown to know a lot of things and can speak multiple languages. Despite his powers he only remains in his prime form of being Ren while trying to blend in with the new world to the best he can. As he grows and tests his limits more he will learn more about his power of changing forms, as of now he only knows of one form leaving five more to learn.

ooc: This is made so he can appear on any world. It's not the best, but hopefully enough to get a start out on. His personal information will be put in blogs. And yes the side characters will be the other form or forms (depending on rp) he has loose running around. This is why Ren is the only one that can be taken. And not to worry, when all are within him, he will not be a Superman or Goku class character, he will be normal because that's his power. The power of whatever form he is, and Ren is just a form to blend in with humans, making base Ren just only human power. Each form gains their own thoughts but are still very influenced by Ren's personal mind that they come from, so if you see a known character, just think of it as a look alike with similar powers. Not the actual character.


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