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September 21st, 2018

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Gender: Male
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Age: 25
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September 13, 2018


09/13/2018 01:26 PM 

About the forms (last post hopefully)

Hopefully i'm not leaving anything out so I can leave the blog info part alone.

Anyway about the forms, they are exactly that. Ren takes on the likeness of said character and gains their abilities to an extent, however it is not them 100%. The reason is because they came out of Ren so of course they won't be like the original. 

So if these characters pop up on the rp, do not expect me to 100% them or be exactly like them, they are copies. The 6 I chosen are 6 I observed not to be picked out much if at all. If they do get picked the account gets abandoned days later. So each of these 6 are at least rare.

What 6 did I choose? Come look and find out for yourself if you are curious. XD


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