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September 23rd, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 30
Country: United States

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April 14, 2013


09/13/2018 03:53 PM 

Lazarus Jeager

Name: Lazarus Jeager

Age: 630 (Appears 30)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 200 lbs

Appearance: Profile pic

Race: Human


Magically Enhanced Physiology- 
Due to centuries of constant magic influence on his body, Lazarus has enhanced abilities including, but not limited to:

Enhanced speed
Enhanced strength
Enhanced reflexes
Enhanced sight
Enhanced hearing
Enhanced smell
Enhanced durability

Life force absorption-
Something that is mostly passive, but with enough effort and focus can be something active to quicken the process, this ability allows him to absorb the life force of anything around him, the rate of absorption depending on his concentration on that specific ability. (Mostly just effects plant life over a long period of time, unless he concentrates on it. 

Perfect Regeneration-
An event in his past caused him to gain this ability, however it is not instantaneous, if he takes a fatal hit he will be incapacitated until his body heals from the wound.That being said he can regenerate from something as small as a single cell, though to regenerate to his full self from something like that would take several weeks. 

Nature Manipulation-
By dispersing energy into the area around him he can manipulate it, as long as it's a part of nature. The amount of energy needed for this depends on how large a scale of manipulation he wishes to produce. 

Weather Manipulation-
A deviation of the nature manipulation he possesses, by dispersing energy into the area he can produce and manipulate the weather to his liking, even creating natural disasters if he were to do so long enough. 

From potion brewing to matter manipulation and everything in between, through years of study and practice he can manipulate any non living material with a single touch, through the scale of manipulation is directly related to concentration. 




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