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September 30th, 2018

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September 13, 2018


09/13/2018 04:45 PM 


-- The character Amon Nasseri is a product of my own imagination. Time and effort for put into his creation, so please don't steal or bash him. When I do use Seto Kaiba as the base, I do not claim to own the pictures themselves-- just the edits that I have done to make them my own. 

First things first-- I understand that not everyone will be experts when it comes to grammar and spelling. Just please, please, at least try. Trying goes a long way. This can also go for storylines. I prefer it to be a joint effort for creating a storyline rather than just being a one sided effort.  

Second things second-- I prefer messages over comments. I am not oppose to comments, just prefer messages. I sometimes tend to be forgetful at times, so that is my reasoning for preferring messages over comments. With that being said, please don't rush me for replies. I will get to things on my own time. I don't like being rushed for things.  

Third things third-- I adore crossovers. When I might not know every imaginable fandom out there, I am not opposed to trying new things. Just please hear me out if I am not so familiar with things. It might be a rocky start, but things will eventually get into a grove.  

I am a friendly person behind the character, but the character himself isn't. He is a bit of a handful. I do make sure to show the difference between being in character and out of character, please know the difference. When I will do romance-- I don't like to base anything on it. If it happens it happens. Though it not my main goal for being here. I love drama to be involved in storylines , but do not like needless drama-- so please restrain from it. Mature themes will be present and involved here-- so be aware that blood, violence and profanity will be used.  

-- When chit chat is okay, I'd prefer to interact with others through storylines. With that being said, I hope to get some interesting storylines started. 


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