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Slime King, Rimuru

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January 6th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 38
Country: Japan

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September 13, 2018


09/13/2018 06:49 PM 

Chaos Creator

Biographical Information

Rimuru Tempest

Chaos Creator (Self-Proclaimed)
Satoru Mikami (Formerly)
Sensei (Temporarily)

Storm Crest (Formerly)
Great Demon Lord's Blessing

King Of Tempest
Newbie (New Star/New Face)
One Who Leads The Fall
One Who Commands Monsters
Chaos Creator (Self-Proclaimed)
Fallen King
True Fallen King
Great Fallen King
5th True Dragon (Unofficial)

37 (True)
Ageless (Current)

Gender-less (Identifies As A Male)

Ultimate Slime (Viscous Dragonoid Fallen Emperor)

Hair Color:
Bluish Silver

Eye Color:

150 ~ 160 cm


Professional Information:



SSS+ (Great Fallen King)

Freedom Association
Freedom Academy (Formerly)
Subjugation Division
Eight Star Fallen Kings

Adventure Rank:

King Of Tempest
S Class Homeroom Teacher (Temporarily)
Ruler Of The Eastern Empires' Territory

He has a carefree personality. After becoming a king and experiencing the reality of the death of his close friend Shion, his naïve nature decreased. Unlike most other shounen protagonists, he has no problem with decimating any forces who dare to harm his subordinates and his country, regardless of their numbers. As he progresses through the story, he slowly becomes more and more like a True Fallen King.

Rimuru also tends to "overreact" when there's danger to his close ones, such as his countrymen, subordinates, friends and students.

Rimuru initially appears as a pure white-bodied slime, but upon becoming a Demon Slime, his body turns silver with streaks of gold. His mass has grown over time, allowing him to accommodate larger human forms. Towards the beginning of the story, he only has enough mass to appear as a child, but by the time he becomes an Ultimate Slime, he has enough mass to appear as a 16 year-old.
Mimesis: Human

In this form, Rimuru possesses silver hair. There are no visible sex characteristics; however, he is often mistaken for a young girl. This is likely due to the fact that the original form belonged to Shizue Izawa.

Since his slime body is equal in mass to his human form, he fills this body with solid shape instead of black fog. Without the black fog, there is no additional magic consumption required to maintain the form. There is no discomfort when he assumes this form. If he uses the black fog, he can also assume the form of an adult.

His fine motor capabilities improve when he is in his human form, and he finds it easier to move in than his slime form. Even though it appears to be human, this form has no need for breathing, excretion, and reproductive organs. However, he can freely eat, taste, and drink.

In his human form, he wears a black fur coat and a scarf. Under the coat, he wears the kimono and pants that Shuna had made for him. He also wears the steel thread underwear he makes himself. He often wears Shizu's old mask to hide his demonic powers.

Since eating the Orc Disaster, his human form grew a bit. He now assumes the form of a pre-teen with feminine features. In this form, he is around 150 cm in height. In addition, he has obtained a devil transformation.

Upon becoming a True Demon Lord and changing his race change to Demon Slime, Rimuru has been depicted wearing a black overcoat. His nails also appear sharper and his overall human form appears slightly older.

Upon evolving further into an Ultimate Slime, Rimuru's human form ages to 16-17 years old. This form is described by Velgurind as appearing gender-less (as she saw it nude upon creation) but with dangerously cute features. By simply willing it, Rimuru can generate clothes from his own mass and magic power.

Using Great Sage, he can quickly read a book by copying it completely. Simultaneous utilization of Great Sage and Gluttony allow the high speed copy and review of the magic books that he holds in his hands. With that, he can postpone checking the content of the book for a later time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be able to use magic just by copying the books. But, taking and copying it, he’s able to make the index of the magic books that he wants. After this, it’s necessary for him to study them one by one. Taking that into consideration, it can be said that Rimuru holds a great amount of knowledge regarding magic as well as being speculated to be able to use most of the magic in those books, if not all of them.

After evolving into a Demon Slime, the ability to freely change between material and spiritual bodies was added. As the result of the evolution, his total magical energy greatly increased. Compared to the original amount, it was ten times as large.

He can use skills that don’t rely on magical energy such as raising his abilities using fighting spirit technique with Herculean Strength in addition.

Thanks to Hakurou’s guidance, his skills with the sword was improved.

He was able to analyze the Summoning Magic he first saw during the adventurer exam and acquired the skill to use them.

After fighting the Guardian of the Labyrinth, Rimuru has the ability to create golems. The abilities of the Golem can be added through the possession a spirit or a demon as Rimuru made them inhabit the Golem. The outward appearance of the golem is created according to his imagination.

Using Manas: Ciel, Rimuru can copy space manipulation techniques simply by seeing it, such as when he copied the Unique Skill Restrainer which belonged to Gozurl. Like this, Rimuru can also copy practically any other Skill or Magic as long as he has seem it.

After the fight with Yuuki, Rimuru gained the ability to use [[[Traveler|Instantaneous Movement]]] which lets him travel across Space-Time at will. Using this ability, Rimuru was able to travel to his old world where he saved his past self Mikami Satoru from death. He was also able to return from the place beyond time where he was exiled to by Yuuki. The ability as described is the ability to reach the desired point instantly across space and time.

True Dragon Species Magic
Upper tier Spirit Summoning
Upper tier Demon Summoning
Nuclear Strike Magic
Thought Battle Magic
Physics Magic
Flight Magic
Cleaning Magic: He learned it from Ellen. When he uses it, his magic amplifies the effects of the spell, cleaning everyone in the vicinity. (Disappeared after integrating into the Magic Energy Manipulation Archive)
Magic Energy Manipulation Archive
Original Magic

Species Skill:
●Endless Regeneration

Manas Skill:
●Thought Acceleration
●Analysis expert
●Parallel processing
●Chant Annulment
●All of creation understanding
●Food chain, etc

Ultimate Skill:

●Void King Azathoth
○Soul Consumption
○Turn Null (Nothingness collapse)
○Imaginary Room
○Space Time Control
○Multidimensional Barrier
○True Dragon Release
○True Dragon Core Transformation
○Multi-existence (obtain after analyzing Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka)

●Harvest King Shub Niggurath
○Skill Creation
○Skill Duplication
○Skill Gifting
○Skill Bank

●Evil Dragon King Azi Dahaka
○Thought Acceleration
○Parallel Thought
○Organic Matter Control          
○Duplication Mass Produce
○Ability Absorption
○Space Control
○Multidimensional Barrier

● Covenant King Uriel
○Spatial Domination
○Defense Barrier
○Infinite Prison
○Secluded Space

Unique Skill:

Normal Skills:
●Omnidirectional Perception
●Universal Body Transformation
●Great Fallen King's Haki

Battle Skills:
●Thread Creation/Manipulation
●Chaos Breath
●Physical Law Manipulation
●Element Alteration
●Telepathy Control
●Future Attack Prediction (Precognition)
●Holy Sword Technique: Melt Slash
●Hydraulic Propulsion
●Water Current Control
●Water Blade

Flame Giant
Star Wolf
Black Serpent
Giant Spider
Giant Bats

Physical Attack Nullification
Natural Elements Nullification
Abnormal Status Nullification
Mental Attack Nullification
Hybrid Attack Resistance

●Anti-demon Mask: A magic mask left by Shizue Izawa. As it's name implies, it suppress demonic power. It also serves as a treasured memento of Shizue, as it is the only remaining possession of Shizue which Rimuru possesses.

●Dark Leather Guards: He received dark leather guards from Garm.

●Kimono: It is made of glossy linen - first-class silk that feels wonderful to the touch. Putting the silk to his body, it immediately changes size to fit him. After mixing with his magic, it became as if a part of his body. Even in his adult form, the clothing grows appropriately. This clothing absorbs the aura of its wearer, and can change its appearance. Rimuru’s clothing turned jet black to match his aura. Even if this clothing rips, as long as it absorbs his magical energy, it can repair itself.

●Wolf Outerwear: The materials used came from the previous Fanged Wolf leader. But, due to the wolf clan’s evolution, the fur had turned black. As an extra bonus, it seems that the fur had quite some magical energy stored in it. It has tremendous defense power. This attire happened to have become a magic item. It will always perfectly fit the one who wears it. In other words, even if Rimuru turns into his adult version, the clothing won’t rip.

●Swords: Rimuru equipped with a demon sword a Magic Swords a high-purity Demon Steel weapons inserted with high-purity magic stones/gems he created a sword using Bladed Storm Crystallization and Bladed Flame(Scorch): Crystallization from Void God Azathoth call The Sword Of Tempest.


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