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The Doll
Category: Resources

Name: Lovely Batter

Also Known as: Mr. Love, Luv, Cupid

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Species: Sentient Doll

Birthday: August 6

Life Story: Luv is A doll made by Damien. The Batter was used as a Motif for Luv's creation. After Zone 1 was Purified. Luv set out in a Quest to find His father.

Appearance: In the artwork. Luv is usually Potrayed as a child with yellow hair. His eyes are Blue (possibly made out of glass.) and His irises are in the shape of a Heart. Unlike The Batter, Luv's clothes aren't strictly meant to resemble a Baseball player's uniform. They are usually decorated with Heart patterns. His cap also has a Few heart badges on them. Although one of them appears to be cracked. (Check image for more detail.)

Height: 2ft (80 cm or 0.8 m)
Weight: 10kg
Shoe size: 1.5 (205mm/20.5)

Personality: He has bright and cheerful personality. He appears to care and love his peers, often speaking as much possible. And trying to cheer them up with his innocent demeanor.

Luv is not very smart. He can't even Read. And has the mind of a young child. Luv can't solve puzzles properly either, leaving the puzzle-solving to the Puppeteer controlling him.

Luv tends to finish his sentences with a ♥ and has a lisp.


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