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The Universe of Black Hood Complete

Black Hood is the story of multiple characters and branching off stories. Black Hood being the main story, it begins telling the story is Kousuke Sakuragi, the first and original Black Hood, who’s goal was to end all crime and corruption in Nemesis city. Later he meets Cyri Baraks, who eventually becomes a close friend and like minded partner. Teaching her his ways mixed with her own natural talents, he passes on the title on Black Hood to her while he then goes by just The Hood or Hood. Along their fight in their home city they meet new friends and allies who join their cause.

The next chapter of Black Hood takes place after the “disappearances” or “death” of Kousuke. Cyri and her team they had named Red Voice continues their fight, and eventually brings Jason Graves into the fold. A long time friend of Cyri’s, he is a trusted partner from the start. The battle for their city and to purge its corruption is nothing but an all out war.

The story of Red Mask takes place after a major event in Nemesis City that allows Jason Graves to leave on his own, knowing the city is now in a somewhat stable way. He ventures to a neighboring city he’s kept an eye on as strange events had began to unfold there. Something supernatural and evil has taken the city over, and he takes it upon himself to investigate it and end it. There he makes new allies in hope of freeing the city from its supernatural curse of mutation and mysterious powers it grants some individuals like himself.

[Coming Soon as of May 6th 2018]
The story of Color Bullets is an unknown secret organization that works in the shadows. They are a special task force of trained individuals ranging in age with enchantments to their physical abilities. One of these individuals being a relative to Cyri Baraks, his name Kippie “Kip” Baraks, leader of a squad within the organization. Their objective, track down and kill a former member and scientist of their organization. Little do they know what type of experiments he’s done to himself.


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