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September 21st, 2018

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Gender: Female
Status: Swinger
Age: 113
Country: Japan

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January 18, 2017


09/14/2018 10:24 PM 

So -every- hate profile is me?
Current mood:  hot

So, since people haven't someone to blame, since they're chasing a ghost with no breaks, they come to the LOGICAL conclusion that all of them are me. ALL of them? I remember seeing some dead-pool telling someone the same thing he told me, even though they are just probably hating due to also being tired of ani's f***ery.  But, this is what happens when you strap a face on fear.

So, by proxy, -I- am the face of fear. It's funny, people are funny, it's okay though. I'm used to it, as opposed to say, Tiny Timothy being accused. If this hypothetical kid knew ani was out to get him, he'd have a sense of urgency and reputation, you know, like normal people who aren't me do. But, I'm a criminal, I live a life of adventure, and die a meaningless death. I'd LOVE to hear how distorted the rumors became by now, seeing as I've lived far past my expiration date(this profile I mean.) In a sense, I catalyze the unity, so I'm a hero nobody wrote about. I'm glad dead-pool's out there fighting crime, something REAL heroes do Kappa.

But you know what, Sigma? Heroes are overrated. The best characters are villains. Using my powers from which I was bitten by a radio-active Dunning Kruger, you know, a Freddy Kruger on steroids, I can unleash my nightmare-realm powers unto Aniroleplay and be the deepest villain ever!

A tad bit like Ankoku Yami only not as Pious. Hey, at least I don't hide I'm bad. Well, I'll write something later, this is too precious, and is going on-and-on-and-on. What? You expected something interesting? I write the hell I want.



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