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09/22/2018 10:18 PM 

" Sh*thole. " Mature/Action/Crime based themes.

Location: Earth Two, Year; 2083

In a distorted world where light never seemed to come their exist a select few who thrived in this disturbed utopia for the mischievous. Those destined to originally be nothing more then blemishes on the history of humanity yet became overnight sensations worthy of the front page the moment all sh*t hit the fan, " Devil people " many tend to refer to them as. These sadistic f***s leach onto the newly created land of villainy & maniacal clich├ęs like it was no tomorrow, yearning for any way, shape or form to stamp their crest into societies ass. See in this uncanny story of evil the wicked prosper where the wholesome died, feasting on the notion of anything good.. To the point where not even the savage lands seemed so savage, after all everyone was a killer. This inevitable fact seemed to leave quite a disgusting taste in the mouths of many who deem themselves special in a pot of all white marshmallows, color being in the eyes of the beholder of course but the point still remain. No one was truly unique anymore, everyone had an agenda & everyone wanted to be the next big ' bad ', A real life citizen Kane in the flesh! Except without a sh*tty cliffhanger catchphrase that leaves the audience guessing even after the movie rolls credits.

Suppose they all knew the day when the last innocent life left earth would come.. & I guess in retrospect it wasn't always like this. Dastardly I mean. Their was actually a point in time where civilization flourish and people waltzed around gaily as if nothing bad could ever happen & even on the off chance that it did technology would stop it. Guess that's really where it started, tech. If memory doesn't escape me the exact date where things took a turn was October first, 2071. A time of incredible advancement for evolution as flying cars became not only a thing of the past but obsolete in the wake of things far more suited to peoples current needs. Tubes were used as transportation, cutting the cost of conveyance completely in the process. The use of certain gases no longer allowed prompting those who fought for the environment to finally get their wish, ( bunch of tree hugging f***s ).. Anywho it wasn't long before ' it ' came to fruition. A device so evil that it could only be made by the worst criminal organization in the world.. The government.

Now before you go thinking about how the guy behind the screen is another quack hellbent on the notion of illuminati, let's stop & think for a second.. This is just a story, so for the sake of progression let us delve further into why the government made the world an incredibly sh*tt(ier) place. For starters crime had rose considerably as a result of the technological advancement, see although things became cheap in some departments the cost of living as a whole skyrocketed. Homeless? Gone, moved into concentration camps or as the government called it ' Affordable zones. ' However if history knew anything it was that people always found a way, and where the rich congregate criminals lurk. Killing, raping & stealing anything they yearn for until finally the government band together to create the ' probability factor '. A machine capable of not only predicting when a crime would be done a day prior to it's existence but who did it too. Now it couldn't give too many specifics besides a general location & date but it was more then enough to crackdown on crime, rearing in yet another safe expansion for humanity.. Score one to the big guys!.. Right?

Wrong. This only prompt people into believing that it's existence wasn't only made to pry on the wrongdoers but peoples personal lives as well which incite riots all around the world. The machine couldn't possibly keep up with all the violence & tomfoolery so when worse came to worst, humanity fell. The machine giving the government the location of every crime warranting the first ever government V the people war, street riots, murders & lynching's all bore fruit right in the middle of the streets. Anyone who was deemed too ' good ' for their own good had to die, after all if they act decent then they couldn't confuse the machine & the world only need those who provoke it.. Or so the rioters insist. Needless to say the government was toppled in only seven days. Seven days was all it took to send the world on it's ass. Crazy just what the common man could do when given enough motivation right? Regardless with that context out of the way we now venture to the antagonist of this horrid tale, a man who had always been living a wild life long before it became the norm.

( Present. )

" Pass the blunt already Stavinsky. "

Urge one fat f*** whose stomach engorge his medium sized t-shirt, " Aight, aight f***. " Finally a skinny fellow passed the bloke the blunt, not really keen on following the unspoken rules of a rotation as aquatic orbs fixate on the other two in the room who would undoubtedly take more pulls then they were supposed too. " Look we're gonna need to find more bud and soon, we can't be sharing the supply like this. Not only is Ghost gonna find out but I won't get high enough not to care! " Bellow a woman on the adjacent side of the fattie whose eyes rolled in response, " F*** Ghost" He retort, clearly high enough not to remember what happened to the last guy who said that as the other three gasp in shock. " Now hold on Jatonny the last thing we need is to be saying his name in vein, let alone cursing it in the same sentence! " Jatonny snarled, unaffected by his skinny mates words as the woman and hooded figure left shook their heads in disbelief. " By the way Jhonny why you always wearing that damned hood? It's creepy as sh*t. " On cue the blunt met Jhonny's lips as he chuckled in response, " I think I wear it just for that ya f***.. " Jatonny chuckled before jabbing once more. " Well take that sh*t off in my house! " Jatonny was quite the provoker that night yet since he insist Jhonny did just that, his face reveal enough to cause the woman to silently soil herself.

" G..g.. Ghost!? "

" Like Casper bitch, but don't wear it out. "

The man revealed as ' Ghost ' stood up from the couch, cracking his neck in the process as the skinny man before him stood up, at a height of 6'2 not really ever finding someone to be taller then him yet here he was, in the shadow of a man who stood at a height of 6'6. " I.. I eh, had nuffin to do with this boss! I swear we were only smoking alil and then on our way to deliver the product! " Lies fell upon deaf ears as the kingpin renown as Ghost fiddle with a pocket knife, it's hilt drenched in a red liquid as he spoke. " You guys ain't wondering where Jhonny is really at yet? " At that moment the body of a naked man fell through the ceiling, multiple contusions & lacerations decorating his flesh as his right eye protrude from it's socket. This prompt the woman to prepare to scream yet stopped immediately due to a blade being shoved into her throat, albeit tall for his size he was surprisingly limber as the skinny man was the next to fall. This one killed by a spare knife as Ghost plunge it into his gut, stabbing at least fourteen times before feeling satisfied by the guts that seep onto the floor. " Well that'll do it. " Spat Ghost who relished in the steamy scene before him as Jatonny shat his pants.

" Lo.. look boss man I can make it up to ya! " This sad display of pussiness was enough to make Ghost cringe as he ended it simply with a bullet between the eyes. " Yeah I didn't want to actually touch ya fatass. " He spat as he now examined the damage, smiling at the fact he could spot his parcels in the distance in the kitchen. Within no doubt the drugs he had promised the Latinos on the other side of the city, " I'll be sure to compensate them with something for the wait.. " Outside the sounds of gunshots continue to echo throughout the night, the city blocks filled with the result of the insanity the technology brought. Now people had guns that shot out lasers for f***s sake, ain't that some sh*t? " Anywhore I better call the clean up crew for this one.. " With hesitance Ghost would plop himself onto the fat lards stomach, clicking away at the transparent phone that float within his palm. " Hello? Yeah I need Moshi & the gang in sector 8, just outside the inner city walls in the badlands. I need a cleanup and a crew to finish the distribution, make it quick. " Click. His word was law and if he knew his men well they would be their in minutes, seconds if the tubes still worked..


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