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Hiro the demon prince

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October 14th, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 19
Country: United States

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September 23, 2018


10/09/2018 05:02 PM 

Hiro info

Name Hiro 
age 500,000 years old 
sex male 
status taken : Reiko 
son Sora 
child on the way 
Hair depends on mood 
eyes red or gold 
Height 6''5''
weight 140 
family satan father mother unknown 
sister Melu Rose 
pet hell hound Fang 
home Hell but lives on earth 
personality quite kind nice dosnt judge people tends to worry alot kind father and mate tends to spoil his loves ones rude and gets mad easily pissed off will kill to feed his lover and child will kill anyone who will harm his family or clan he is also reads minds and can look into your soul to see how pure or evil you are and how many times you killed someone 


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