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10/10/2018 10:46 PM 

My Hero Academia Bio

Full Name : Hikari Sakayami

Hero Name: Drago 

Gender : Male

Species: Gifted Human

Age Group: UA Student or Pro Hero

Hair : Light Grayish silver; spiked partially up as well as down on all sides. 

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Green with Slightly narrowed pupils like that of a Reptile. 

Height : 6'

Weight : 190lbs / 20 tons(Full Dragon Form)

Markings : Large scar across his chest, minor scars on rest of his torso and arms. 

Alignment : Chaotic Good

Orientation : Straight

Quirk : Dragon

Physical Abilities(In human form) : Enhanced Speed, Strength, and Durability. As well as heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing. Can transform his both hands and feet into dragon claws, as well as sprout wings and a tail. Also has a large of armor like scales that cover most of his body and can be used to protect him from heavy and, at times, possibly fatal blows. 

Physical Abilities(Dragon form) : In his fulled transformed state his body completely transforms into that of a dragon. He becomes massive in size and gains the ability to breath fire.

Combat skills : Hands and arms can turn into very sharp and durable dragon claws, and is skilled in hand to hand combat both on the ground and in the air. He is also skilled at being able to analyze combat patterns in his opponent. 

Resistance : High tolerance for pain and resistant to fire and explosions. 

Weakness: The more parts of him he transforms the more energy it drains from him. Also holding his dragon form for long periods of time with drain him even faster, which makes it his last resort. 

Personality : Keeps to himself and straight forward, awkward in social situations. He is highly protective and if he is pushed into rage can snap and go on a full tempered rampage. 

History : As a young boy Hikari had no desire to be a hero, he was just happy to be with his family, growling up with his still developing quirk. However, after the loss of his parents at the age of 8, he began to be moved around from place to place because of the temper he developed. He was then taken in however by the principal of UA, Nezu. He trained the boy and taught him how to analyze his opponent in combat as well as some of his strategic knowledge. He also trained him well as have better control his quirk and his anger, hoping to train the boy into being a true hero. 


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