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February 19th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 114
Country: Bahamas

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July 20, 2013


10/11/2018 01:36 PM 

Natsume Clan

Head Family:
Clan Leader: Maya Natsume
Advisor/Next Clan Leader: Aya Natsume
Next Generation: Riku Natsume
Aya Natsume [ELDER] **seperate character from above**
Iyo Natsume [ELDER]

 Natsume Dragon's Gate: Dragon's Eye (Ryuugan)
The Natsume clan is an old and ancient family that is said to be descendants of Dragons. The family is famous for the Bloodline Ability known as the Dragon's Eye (龍眼, Ryuugan). This ability is said to be able to "see through all things". The ability is focused in the eyes and when activated turns the eye color of the wielder orange and the pupils turn to dragonish slits. The Dragon's Eye allows the potential to see into the past, what is currently happening in the present, as well as the future. The wielder also has the potential to see and speak with the deceased. The strength of the 'seer' is of course dependent on their own skills and abilities. There have been many cases in the Natsume history of users being unable to control this power and therefore are driven crazy by their visions or the spirits of the dead, in most cases this was due to young children activating their Dragon's Eye before they are capable of controlling it. 


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