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11/06/2018 05:35 PM 

Inutsuki's journal entry 2

It is such a dreadful day. I had sat by my mother's side a few days ago. Demons can tell when a human is close to death. My father didn't want me to see her pass, but I did not want to leave her alone. She smiled as she left this world, holding my hand. I carry her wisdom in my heart, but I am still burdened. What if the young lord casts me away once my father leaves?


We are leaving for the West of Japan at dawn. Father will be carrying me on his back. I love his brown fur when I get to ride on his back. I wish I could be a large Inu like him and fly through the clouds. Mother use to tell me how her and father met. She never thought she was a beautiful woman, but father had taken to her instantly. Father says I am beautiful and told me he had received offers for my hand, but he promised me to his dear friend. Father also said I have to leave behind my things. I can only take my journal, but my close friend Da Quin has to stay here. She is an Inu demon pup I have grown with. I hope to see her again some day.


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