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11/06/2018 05:58 PM 

Inutsuki's journal entry 3

When we landed in the West we were met with some soldiers and a carriage. I had never seen anything like it before. I had to get into this large cart pulled by demon horses. In our home we had a palanquin and the lesser demons would carry us where we wanted to go. The palace of the West is beautiful, but even with its wonderful garden the demon ladies stared at me. I even heard some say hurtful things. I had remembered what my mother had told me about the island and how demons don't mingle with humans. The Lord of the West was very kind to me and offered some meats and fruits. I tried to eat carefully, but I was so hungry. After touring the palace and seeing where we would be staying I was left in my room while my Father went to speak to the lord in his study.


My father came to talk to me and told me I would not meet the young lord until he returned from training. I admitted I was nervous, but father said I had nothing to worry about. My place here was sealed once we were mated. He would be returning home after I met the young lord, but he would be back when the mating ceremony took place.


I saw a glimpse of the young lord tonight. I couldn't sleep so I was looking at the moon and I heard a noise from below. I saw him for a moment, but I did not get to see his face. I cannot forget the figure I saw.


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