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11/06/2018 06:21 PM 

Inutsuki's journal entry 4

Today I meet the young lord and I am excited. After seeing him that night I have wanted to see his face. I hope I meet his approval. The servant I have been assigned to helped me dress in what they call a kimono. It has many layers and I will have my hair tied back with gold pins.


He didn't like me.


I should have worded that better in my last entry. He wasn't pleased that I was a hanyou. He said, "I refuse to be mated to a half-breed." I tried to hold back my tears as I just bowed to him. Once I was in my room I could not stop them from coming. Oh mother, I wish you was here with me. Father tried to console me and told me he would change his mind, but he sounded very serious. I think I may go to the gardens this evening. Maybe my mother will be closer to me.


I ran into the great dog demon when I was in the gardens. He apologized to me about his son. He told me that Sesshomaru was not usually like that. How could I not be heartbroken? My mother has left this world, my soon-to-be mate has rejected me and my father leaves for home in two days. I have no one here and I shall be alone. What am I to do?


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