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11/06/2018 10:14 PM 

⭐️A few tiny rules!!⭐️
Category: Guidelines
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💜: Do not control my character. By this, I mean do not write what my character says, and does for me. She is mine to decide such, and if I should require your insight for what perhaps she can do in a certain situation, I shall ask and write it myself.

💜: Messages highly preferred over comments for both OOC and IC contact, for they are far easier for me to follow and respond to. However, should you strongly prefer comments to do so, then I will respectfully adapt to comments for you. I ONLY roleplay in messages though, never comments. 

💜:My lengths can be as short as semi-para, up to multi-para, depending on motivation, and if there is a lot currently going on in the role play. If you are someone who does not wish to, or simply does not have the patience and/or skills to write multi-para, then all you have to do is let me know, and I shall understand. I will not, nor ever desire, to force anyone out of their comfort zone, please just write what you are comfortable with. Naturally one liners are not welcome.

💜: I prefer to engage in a role play with either pokemon gijinkas, or fellow human trainers. No offence intended to those who chose to only write as a pokemon in their natural form, but I just find such stories between human and pokemon a little strange for me, so I just prefer to steer away from them as it is just a personal preference and comfort. My apologies. 

💜:Perviously on an old banner of mine I had written that no erotica would be permitted to occur during any of my role plays. This was put up for at first, I had only intended to write my character between the ages of 14 and 16, which I personally find a little too young to participate in sexual encounters. However, recently I have decided to write her at older ages as well, should my role play partner wish to (between 17 - 19), which I am a little more comfortable if the possibly arises for more mature occurrences. My only conditions are that our characters establish a romantic connection beforehand, and our role play must not be centered around it constantly. 

💜: Our roleplay must be the main focus. While I certainly welcome and adore getting to know and chat with my fellow roleplay partners in OOC, please do not let such over shadow our roleplay. I am fine with conversing on the side lines of our story, but it bothers me when the chatting takes over the replies. By this I mean, for days, we spend all our time chatting OOC, mean while no reply to the story has been given. I very much want to have a friendly relationship with others, but let's not forget the main reason we are all here; to role play.

💜: Any romantic relationship that may blossom between our characters stays within our individual role plays. Outside of them we are simply friendly role play partners. Please do not request to have my character belong to yours outside of the role play, for that is not what I am here for. 

💜: Do not request to chat with me outside of this site. I came to this site to role play here, and only here. I apologize if that inconveniences someone for I do understand that sometimes it is easier to discus on different sites, but it is merely my preference and comfort to remain here.

That is all for now. I shall update this should the need arise, and thank you for taking the time to read over this list of rules!!!


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