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March 23rd, 2019

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July 20, 2013


11/07/2018 03:12 PM 

OOC History of The Rising Phoenix

All basic concepts and foundation work of the The Rising Phoenix are based on the workings of Ito Ogure a.k.a Oh! Great. We do not claim any credit for the ideas, art, and concepts given to us by this amazing individual! 


What is today known as The Rising Phoenix first began as "The Blood Destruction Clan" then evolved into a more canon based group called "The Natsume Clan". Both of these organizations/groups play a part in the history and evolution of the Rising Phoenix as do all of the Roleplayers who have ever participated with us. Though we are actually very small in numbers (most of the founding members having retired) and not well known we strive to see the greatness of the RolePlay Community valued.

The entire concept of The Rising Phoenix is the idea that we ALL  have strengths and weaknesses and the only way to get stronger is through our bonds, connections, and relationships with others. WE ARE ALL EQUAL YET DIFFERENT. We embrace our differences and learn from one another through thick and thin. We understand we may not always like or agree with one another but for the greater good we will support and fight for what we believe is right.

With this being said, please make sure you consider your involvement with our group carefully! While we will do our best to help with ooc conflict and rl trouble there is only so much we can do in these areas and we WILL hold individuals accountable for their actions AND their words! WE DO NOT TOLERATE BULLYING AND TROLLING. PLEASE BE AWARE AND CONSIDERATE OF THE INDIVIDUALS AROUND YOU WHEN YOU BRING ANYTHING PERSONAL INTO A PUBLIC FORUM!


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