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November 17th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 30
Country: Bahamas

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July 20, 2013


11/07/2018 03:37 PM 


Below is a listing of the original founding members of The Rising Phoenix. These names have been dropped for no other purpose then to celebrate and remember the friendships, bonds, and love of RP we all shared together in the past. While only four previous members have been listed there are SEVERAL others that played an important role in the creation of our organization and though you have not been listed you are and will always be in our hearts. Please be aware we will be searching to fill the roles of the Phoenix, the Sword, and the Strategist in due time. We will post more details on each role in time; until then if you would like to express an interest in one of these roles please message us here on the site so we may begin an interview process.

Pyra Reavestone:
The Original Phoenix (Leader: The Spirit) Retired/Open Role

Maya Natsume: The Original Dragon (Leader: The Hand) Active/Role Closed

Ookami Kaito: The Original Sword (Leader: The Heart) Retired/Open Role

Damien Ocklay: The Original Strategist (Leader: The Mind) Retired/Open Role


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