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November 05, 2018


11/08/2018 10:51 PM 

File Upload......

~File Uploading~


Name: Zeba Smith

Alias: none (  Not until they figure her out) *

Age: 17

Species: Unknown ( Not exactly human)

Handness: Both are useful

Abilities: Speed, flexibility, heat vision, shadow morpher

Scar: Along on arm she usually keeps wrapped along with her right leg that has stitches to close a gash.

Personality: Monotone, emotionless, usually angry when messed with

Likes:Music, knives, guns, sniper rifle.

Dislikes: Anyone getting too close, being touched.

~Loading Background~

Zeba Smith, or otherwise Agent 87, is a well trained  agent for her school. Usually getting into fights and being secluded in a Suspension cell most people consider her the  emo. When technically she wasn’t. She may have the traits but she isn’t.

Ten years ago she was dropped off at an orphanage for being supposedly weak in her family of fighters. But after a couple of years people came in looking for children to take in. Thinking she was finally getting a family it turned out she was being placed in the school for agents. Most students were normal everyday kind of humans but few were special class. The purple class. Exactly where Zeba was apart of. She didn’t understand why but after two days she became silent and more of a hunter for prey.

She never cares what people says about her, after being placed in the purple status, her first two days were of experiments and tests. Turns out she was actually a shadow morpher. One that can control shadows and become one as well. Shadow morphers were rare so it was hard to come across them. Once the school figured out what she truly was they used her for bigger mission that only Gold status usually did. But after a couple of months she did Suicidal mission like her fellow Purple agents. She wasn’t going to let them take the missions alone. Most wouldn’t come back but she would, to keep her purple status mates well. After one fight she had with another student there she ended up having scars along her right arm and a gash on her left leg, she stitched up herself and wrapped herself. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her, not even the teachers or headmaster could.

Thinking back to her orphanage days she remembered a girl that usually got hurt. Zeba wished to help her but couldn’t because she was scared. Now she hardly ever was.  Only scared for what would becoming of her classmates. She couldn’t leave them to join the gold status. Now she trains to become quicker, stronger just to take on all of the missions. She doesn’t trust anyone. Not yet anyways… maybe that can all change.

~ File corrupted~




~File gone~

( Will Explain what a shadow morpher is in another Blog, along with her tattoos)



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