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March 23rd, 2019

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December 02, 2018


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The Laguna Nera (Italian for 'Black Lagoon') is a modern bar and lounge tucked away in a modest corner of downtown New York City. Residing in a seemingly average three story building it is only noticable by its custom vertical displays. Bearing the insignia of the black shattered tear, a design fondly adored by it's owner and staff, with the name just beneath it. Yet one would be considered wise to not judge the Laguna from a mere passing glance on the street. Not that the prominent front windows, offering a glimpse within, leave anyone with a cause to concern once they peer inside. It had justly earned its reputation by the locals as a prime hotspot for any patron looking for an establishment with variety, style, and class. 

Upon entering the first floor offers exactly as promised, A clear coordination of monochromatic colors washing a relaxed vibe over the entire lounge. The wall length bar drawing the eye inward to the sleek display of their wide variety of alcoholic beverages. The selection offering drinks from every reach of the world, Promising to sate the needs of any pallet Laguna should come across. For those desiring a nice meal to accompany their favored poison the Laguna Nera also offers an assortment of meals. Our chefs providing tantalizing dishes fit to satisfy even the most particular or distinguished preferences.

Returning to the entry way guests can venture up to the second floor where they'll find themselves welcomed to the lounge. Comfortable booths line the walls while adjustable tables arch around the dance floor, Presenting customers with a modest view of the main stage. Different types of live entertainment often being booked to ensure guests have a unique experience each time. During certain holidays the lounge is completely decorated to host themed events for everyone to enjoy. This floor can also be booked for special occasions hosted by patrons, so long as it has been approved by the owner, for a fee. 

Venturing back towards the stairs and ascending further will take guests to the top floor of Laguna Nera. A secluded and peaceful area offering a docile vista of the concrete jungle that is the New York cityscape. Perfect for more private interactions between guests should they wish to escape from the bustle below. Staff remaining attentive should you wish to refresh your drink or order a bite to eat amidst idle conversation. No matter the setting Laguna attempts to keep things convenient and accommodating, within reason of course, for all our patrons.

While the Laguna Nera enjoys keeping things fun there are times when customers may feel concerned should things arise to disrupt the peace. Inevitably people are prone to arguments and altercations in any social setting but guests have no need to fear. Experienced security is on hand prepared to handle any unnecessary outbursts that occur around the premises. Beyond our security staff there are several other measures in place to ensure everyone remains safe and comfortable within our walls. Disrespect and bigotry WILL NOT be tolerated in any way, shape, or form towards ANY of our guests. Those looking to cause trouble will be banned from our establishment if they are found to repeatedly break the code of conduct. 

In the words of the owner, Ilaria Marino, Laguna Nera is a place for any stray soul to call home regardless of their past. It's a place where you can find comfort among like-minded souls and feel you are apart of a family all your own. Many regulars find themselves returning because they can count on good service and excellent company. It is this consistent hospitality that keeps people from all walks of life continuing to stop in. So feel free to come on in and enjoy yourself anytime, Laguna Nera's hours of operation are 10am to 4am and is open seven days a week.


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