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October 07, 2018


12/02/2018 03:26 PM 

Human Starter or Story
Category: Stories

Mamoru raised with his parents both, obviously riches family, he will be future successor of his dad famous 1 top rank Hospital company and Privately high school and college.  

He strict by his parents as young as 4 and up. He started in Al of his school, and most handsome and attractive to girls and boys.  He has only few trusted friends who are rich family as well and normal class as well.  He organized, mannerly professional and even great educated have not fallen in love yet maybe crush but keot that all to himself.  He grown handsome and high A+ student. 
 Mamoru got up early as his usual routines, take shower as time past he dried his hair with separate towel walked towards space big closet that has everything of his cloths, pick out black suit pants with white top look fancy with gold buttons on them with his signature nitial scrip on his right chest. He take his unwears put it on, rest of his cloths. He grab pair neat sock and took one of real leather shoes out it on. Finally he fixed his hair the one side comb back as the other side hang bangs on the front, added a bit of gel on the side to keep it stylish. Finally colon spray once and took his bag grabbed breakfast that was made by his maid finally went to the limo. 

His driver took him to his school , as the all the girls scream running towards him even guys who respect him. The limo stop the door was opened by another servant in suit. He comes out with expensive watch on his wrist and some jewrly on his neck and one finger. Wearing black expensive sun glasses on his eyes. He don't mind the attention, he walked towards the school entrance towards his class room and saw couples of his best friends.

"Hey," Mamoru said in cool tone and calmed as he sat down took his books and took off his classes of. 
"Wonderful morning today is. Hope no one make mistake." He said. 

(From there can be added to whatever the other member wants.))


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