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Starters (multi)

Pre-made playable plot points
These are short snippets of her life, to just jump in
I have brief description on the left, and starter on the right, 
I will put more up as I gain inspiration for different parts of her life.  
I kept these shorter than my usual, starters, and I am still willing to write personalized starters. 
These are sections I selfishly want to test out and see how they work..
To use one just give me the title on the left and your reply. 
Discussions are more than welcome as well! 
Thank you for your time.

Child-Preteen Plot Lines
 Child 9

 The young elf, her family slaughtered her home ablaze, she had ran when she saw their bodies, hid in the forest until the smell of smoke from the city vanished. Shaking and crying she could hear it in the wind the screams of the dying. She hoped beyond reason someone would find her, someone of her homeland would escape and come this way. Her heart hoping she would wake, to find it just a dream, the face of her mother appearing before her to scold her for falling asleep outside the barrier that protected her home. That was not what fate had in store for Kirai, It would be days before she would leave her land. The demons leaving her land with the plunder they had stolen. 

The group crossing the lake appearing out of the illusionary glacier that hid her home. Her eyes widened she standing her clothes already singed, she shook, holding to the skirt of her dress. Tears in her eyes, a few of the demons munching on arms or legs of her people. 

She would run turn and run away from her home, the mountains that she had climbed in youth through the snow that covered the land, her hot breath forming clouds of air before her mouth. panicked breaths as her golden eyes held wide,  the girl seemed no older than 9 years old. She would run, she would keep running, tears stained her cheeks she ensuring she avoided all life forms, her family was dead...the city of her people was burnt. She needed distance, she needed to be smart, her mother taught her how to hunt, she never thought she would use it to avoid being hunted,  She slept during the day, short hours at a time. She would run at night. She wanted to get far, far away. She would do so for days, until her body was to tired, she couldn’t continue, she needed more rest then the few hours of sleep she gave herself, she also needed to hunt.

This a hard task for the elf, She brought no weapons, her power not focused on attack, she would have a hard time killing this way. Then also her body threatening to fail her, injuries becoming more clear, blood from scratches of plants and rocks marred her feet and legs, and dotted her form, her clothes once bright colors of silken fabric was ripped and dingy, and damaged. She hadn’t noticed it her mind locked on keeping moving, a grumble escaped her stomach as she looked down. Hunger clawed at her stomach. Her hands gripped her abdomen softly as she groaned to herself. She tensed it trying to stop the bite of hunger. It had been far too long since she ate. Even now that she recognized her wounds her powers would not come forth to heal them. She had to find something to eat, she needed to recover. 

 The young girl found a cabin a smile crossed her she could hear no one inside it was an exciting prospect shelter finally it had been raining the last few days, and she was soaked to the core, the A shiver passing her as she tried the door, Though finding it locked. She would groan in irritation at the fact it was locked and no one was inside. She walked around the hand-built wooden structure, the rain continued to pat against her flesh, dripping off her ears and nose joining the fresh rain that dropped upon her body. The distant trill of thunder echoing across the land caused her to tense, that sound had stalked her all day and she didn’t wish to know of what it was. Her homeland was north, and protected by the elders, snow was had, but thunder and lightening she had never seen in nature.  She needed to get inside, she had to. The small frame no older than 10 would have to break in, she looking up at the window she pulling a water barrel nearby slowly the wet earth only making it harder, though she made it easier by emptying all the fresh water from it.  She climbing on top her hand breaking through the glass cutting her hand pretty good as the thick pane cracked and shattered she would grip the glass and break off parts of it as the rain only got worse.

She breaking off enough she would climb inside shaking, shivering and now bleeding she would land hard on the wood floor of the cabin, though it was dry, she sighed softly pulling pieces of glass from her hands she looked around the small cabin, seemed to have two main rooms, a broken off section for a bedroom, and the main area, a smile crossed her it was so clean it reminded her a bit of her own house in the forests. She moves to the small stove, it’s surface cool to the touch the gentle clank of the rain hitting the metal piping sung out into the dark room. She opened the metal and looking inside, a smile crossed her features there was some un-burnt wood in there, she just needed to catch it on fire! She knew how to do that!

She looks around, finding some wood she formed a gentle glow of her own aura to give herself more light the small white light flickers on her hands as she found a small pile of fire wood, and a few pieces that seemed to have dried moss covering them. Which to her was even better, perfect for starting a fire on. She found a small branch worked it, her body still shaking a bit giving her difficulty, but she needed to start a fire to dry, it was 65 degrees outside which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if she had remained dry, but she was soaking wet and a chill had taken her. She working the small piece of wood into quick circles. Until smoke started to rise, then sparks the moss taking she smiled and took the log to the fire, placing a few pieces of branch on it she started the fire within the stove she using her hand  adjusted the rest of the wood before the fire spread, her form sitting close enjoying the warmth it began to offer.

 Alone, and hungry she the young elf had found herself within a city, the intimidating structures looming over her now, her golden eyes wide as she looked upon them not since her homeland had she seen any, she had started to doubt those of this land was capable of such. The darkness of the street was counterbalanced by the bright full moon even as it rested low, although the gentle haze of orange in the distance spoke morning was soon to come. It gave the elf child the ability to see. She had managed to enough coin to pay for decent clothes, her long blue locks resting on her back her ears pinned out of sight.  She had felt to have worn her welcome out with those she had stayed with, the winter was upon them, and game was low having moved on from the region she had left many days ago, a note written in what little markings of the common tongue she knew. She would make it here, she had learned enough to survive this land.

She would wander finding a drunken stumbling man upon the streets she unsure what was wrong with him, she choosing to avoid that area fearing he contagious. Her bare feet finding the cobblestone and muddy streets uncomfortable but would ignore such for now she groaning a bit as hunger bit into her.. Though a few vendors cooking their food the smell was enticing. She followed it to a small bakery her eyes resting hungrily on them cooling on the window as the three women within cooked more. She watched from across the street before she would slowly approach. Her feet silent her natural grave of the breed giving her natural stealth, her focus on getting food, she needed it. She getting close the window high. She listened for footsteps to be distant, for none to be heard by the window, her ears focused as she waited. Then when the feet sounded the opposite side of the room, gentle chatter going on between the group inside she grabbed the pie the hot pan burned her hands but she stayed silent against the pain as she took it off the shelf. She walking quickly down an alleyway.

She leaned against the wall, out of sight from the street in the rising sunlight, her heart was beating quickly, she had stolen…such was forbidden where she was from, but..it had to be done she had no more coin to trade and now way to earn any here. She shook lightly from the adrenaline. As she breathed heavy her form sliding down the wall as she shifted her dress to rest over her lap protecting her skin from the hot pan, her hands were welting a bit from the burn, she would call it natural punishment for the crime she had committed. She would speak a gentle prayer in her native tongue her head bowed her voice a soft whisper. She had nothing to eat it with, the pie still hot, she would have to wait, though the smell was wonderful within it she could smell the spices and the meat, the gravy and the bread it was everything she needed, or perhaps it felt that way because she was so very hungry. She would look to her hand a gentle glow healing her blisters as she smiled. She would wait for it to cool. She rests against the wall, she hidden by a small outcropping of brick as she rested.

 Her eyes closing softly as she sighed she would have food soon. She only 3 blocks away from the bakery she plundered her meat pie from, the sounds of people waking entering her ears as she tried to stay awake as morning came. Though the theft reported the bakers on loss of profit, the town guard would no doubt be searching, though she would rest a bit, her heart still running quickly the pie in her lap.


Teen Plot lines 

Thief 1
 Years on the street had taught the elf much, long had she left behind the morals of her people. She had become a decent pick pocket, learning how to time her movement’s right for her small hands to slip into a pocket and her to be gone before anyone the wiser, she going mostly for the easy marks, the drunks, the distracted. She knew it wrong, so she would try and take only a few coins at a time, not wanting to completely strip anyone of their money to support her. She didn’t need much, just enough to survive on, she wasn’t greedy just.. couldn’t survive in close quarters with humans, which meant taking a normal job was not something she could ever do.

The young girl, her hair trimmed short, her clothes baggy and open for movement and of course hiding any plundered coin amongst the many hidden pockets. A few times she had to defend herself, protect herself had become something she needed to learn, she carrying her twin daggers along with throwing blades on her person, combined with her own powers it took care of what she needed to take her out of danger when it showed it’s self.

Today would be one of the days she would need it, Her hand caught in a pocket, the victim's child spotting her and calling out against her. She had tried to run only for the guards to be called “Thief!! Catch her she stole my coin!” The male voice called she grit her teeth as she ran down the street dodging people as she did, though the sound of heavy shoes following her.  She changing direction quickly as an arrow zipped past her shoulder. She not realizing it a dead end. A brick wall before her, and as she turned the guards before her. She took a step back her golden eyes narrowing. Her hands glowing gently as they approached. Her expression growing serious. “Stay back” Was the one warning she would give another arrow placed on the bow she sighed her lips moving without sound a couple of silent syllables given off. Before her hand would erupt into a bright light as she jumped up throwing her blades at the men and working to scale the wall before they could fire on her again. She not truly wish to fight them, she didn't want to hurt anyone she just wanted to have a bed to sleep on tonight, sleeping on the streets was fine, but she could fell the rain was coming, and ever since the first time she discovered the phenomenon of this land called a thunderstorm she tried to ensure she was indoors whenever they came.


A Simple Ploy
 A simple town, many miles beyond the secluded entrance to the elvish territories, its forest resting across the dark seas, and jagged mountains, the young high-elf had worked hard to come so far beyond the reach of her homeland, away from whatever forces slaughtered her kind. Away from the corpses of her kin, and the memory of the life she would never have again. She had traveled most of the trip alone, stealing from people to by rides on ships and braving the forests alone, her elvish powers still weak she leaned heavily on weapons of mortals she gathered along the way, she found her favorites to be throwing daggers which her natural keener senses allowed her to handle efficiently, that and all the trees and prey animals she could practice on as she made her way across the mountains, It had taken a few years, but to an elf, it mattered little how long the journey took just that it was taken.

She now resting within the bustling village, mortals had come a long way from living within the stone caves her parents told her about, they building near complex structures, much like those of her own people, though far less intricate and sturdily built, but she was sure in time the mortals would catch up, they were growing into an intelligent race, not like the brutish cave dwellers she expected, a pleasant surprise for the young elf. She looking to be much in her teens had learned a bit of these people, the coin they used to pay for things, that her ears needed to remain hidden less whispers be heard, and unwanted attention had, she herself had found elf ears for sale at one stall not long ago, she had to run away for fear she would cry, they were apparently viewed as good luck to use as a drawstring holder for your coin, said to ensure you coin never run empty.  For their intelligence a few in her mind remains brutal it seemed, but after that day she always hid her ears.She herself making a living on the wrong side of the law, though she hurts none in doing so, she steals but only enough to get by, and only from those who look like they have enough to spare. Those dressed in finery they could sell to regain coin lost, those who had more than a single pouch of coin upon them, or those who seemed nasty anyway.

Today was no different, a man dressed in refined wool, dyed brightly crossed her path, the sound of coins jingling her sensitive ears caught, even though they pinned under her hair hidden from view, her hair completely down today she keeping it short and out of the way. She would approach, her loose fitting clothes ruffling as she would move among the crowd her voice speaking gentle apologies as she did. Playing the innocent girl. She finally reached him her form crashed into him her hand gripping the coin purse and her sharper fingernail cut the drawstring from his belt, she landing painfully on her rear the coin purse hiding under her hand which now also had her own sleeve over it.

She looked up at the man, her golden eyes locking to his. Her voice soft as a red hue held to her face. “I..I’m sorry” She uttered. She looked to be in her teens. She getting to her feet slowly shifting the bag to a hidden pocket in her clothes. She had done this time and time again, she had traveled many such towns, usually near the homes of ruling lords or ladies, the outer towns usually having more coin than those outlying ones. When she started being recognized or the guards would start watching her she would vanish move on to the next town slowly eking out a living. She only stealing when she ran out of the last. Why would she think today would be any different.

To train
The soft smell of life, the flowers and trees, the animals mosses and greens all mixing to the unique scent of this overgrown forest. A path cut through in several places but rumors and legends kept most upon the beaten paths, where the grown was worn, and the trees broken through long ago. The calls of the creatures, some common others unknown teased the ears, and toyed with the mind. The hour at noon, though within the trees chocking grasp only a few slices of light could make it through the trees on their own. The small slices danced upon the ground in flickering patches. The movement and shadows playing with the eye, the old tall trees stretching high able, few branches resting low enough to climb easily flowers and bushes bloomed in the faded lights, vines crept up the trees for a taste of those dwindling rays. 

 A young woman dared to wander from the path, even though she was well warned that it only took moments for one to lose their way, the trees looking near the same, and so close together once the path was lost, you would never escape. The young elf her violent hair the front pulled into a braid while the rest lay upon her back under the twisted forms, her ears covered and pinned once more to her head. She needn’t worry of such problems she was an elf, in tune with nature she would find her way out. 

 She wanted to be here, away from the mortal gaze, she could be herself the path left behind she unpinned her ears with a gentle sigh of relief. She closing her golden eyes and taking in the sounds, she listening for the carriage she left to pull away hearing it a smile crossed her fine features she couldn’t help a giggle she removing the confining leather shoes from her feet before she would take off, her nose picking up the smell of a creek, she easily moving through the forest each step landing with silent precision. She allowing her nature to come out in full her shoes held in one hand as she enjoyed the freedom and made her way to the water. Her loose fitting dress made of low-grade cotton were dingy and worn, it allowed her to blend in to the poor town she had been staying in. The dress going down to her knees. The sleeves short just covering her shoulders, and sloping into a gently V at her chest where the fabric met the thin leather of her corset which held the dress firm, this it’s self was shoddily made, but still fit her athletic frame. - She herself would look no older than 18 she had been a thief for a long time now, but wanted a break, to go back to her roots and live off the land, and practice with her powers once more, it had been a long time since she just focused on them. She finding the water would smile the gentle bubbly sound as the water adjusted around the rocks to continue its path.  She dropping her leather pack allowing it to fall heavily upon the ground. She would get started right away, she was excited to work with her powers, she had recently discovered another power, and she needed to prefect it before she tried it again. It had saved her life, but a power triggered by survival wasn’t one to be trusted until it could be called at will. 

She would first focus her aura, to see where her power level was at. She taking a seat next to the water her legs crossed under her form her hands resting softly on her lap as she would gently exhale. A light glow forming on her skin, the white light glistened across her pale skin the aura ever growing and expanding around her. She focusing internally assuming no one was around.

 "The Gold Eyed Thief" as she had come to be known gotten a reputation, harder and hard it was for her to move around un-noticed. The ability to steal in the day time had long passed. She was growing up, she had been a pick pocket for many a year, and in many a town, her blue hair and golden eyes were not known, bounty posters of her placed upon tavern walls, One too many nobles had been made fool of by this thief. She now worked by cover of night, She had gotten good with her weapons and had taken to enjoying plunder from placed instead of people, buildings tended not to speak of appearance of those who robbed them. 

 Though tonight was different tonight the building she had selected, was one owned by the true ruling force the underground criminal organization that had over half the guards and nobles in their pocket by some means. Though it a small unassuming shop the basement held others within, sound proofing kept her elf ears from hearing them. 

 She entered quietly picking the lock with dexterity, she slowly opening the door, a small bell chimed before her slender digits gripped it to silence it removing the bell from the door and slipping it into the dark fabric of her pants. The long black pants hugging her legs as she moved. Her long sleeves blue top covering her frame as a cloak rested upon her shoulders it built with many small pockets some hiding her blades, others places to put the items plundered within.

Though what she did not know was the bell didn’t just chime upstairs a distant ding rung downstairs alerting the men someone was inside.  They would arm themselves chuckling between them of what poor soul they would slaughter tonight. She unaware the danger she had walked into would wander the small shop, gems, and jewelry held for display her eyes wandered them all, She focusing on a small section. She picking up only the gold items, she not going for gems, or those of value as they sat, she just wanted to gold, she could melt that down and no one would ever know where it had come from or what it once was.  Though just as she opened the last case the back door would slam open her eyes wide she moved to grab her blades to fight them off and get to the door which sat only 20 paces away, she just had to fight her way out.

Adult hood Plot lines 

Triggering themes

The Breaker 
 Drip, Drip, Drip, The sound of it was driving her crazy. Only that sound that constant sound pummeled her senses. Her nose had adjusted to the scent of blood, and decay that clung to every surface of the dark cell she rested in, the heavy door closed hours ago, when her consciousness had removed her form the pain. Her form bloodied and bruised blood still dripping from the gashes in her back and the salted water they had tossed over her form to keep her awake. Her voice hoarse she had screamed until her throat bled, the taste of it danced on her tongue. Her hands bound over her head as a weight was bound to each ankle to keep her struggles to a minimum. Her shoulders burned and threatened to break, though they would hold much to her dismay. 

Her once pristine ivory skin was torn, and tattered, her clothes demolished, she in little more than scraps that stuck to the blood and the remaining threads of what was once a lovely dress. Her head hung, no light offered to the room, she had used her powers to call for help, a flicker of her aura sent to find any who held an affinity to magic to aid her. A last resort to save herself. 

 She didn’t know where she was, but if any had been found the spark of her aura would lead them nearby. She was a prideful woman a pure blooded elf among the highest of order, yet here she was, survived the attack on her home, and made it on the streets for years under the guise of a mortal, one error had gotten her caught. She misjudged her target, a theft gone wrong, on the wrong person had led her to be outnumbered and outmatched. 

 That was weeks ago, she stubborn and prideful she had pressed the limits of what they would do within the market. She was not being an easy break, they needed to do more, so she sent here. She had been knocked out when they took her, she didn’t know where she was. However the smell on those who had come in, stated she wasn’t far from a town, the mixed smell of human and animal only gained from life in a town rested on their clothes, though the darkness said she underground, the only light when the doors opened was a distant torch and from the screams she could hear she was not alone, there were others down here facing the same. Her mouth and defiance had gotten her here, other would be slaves had broken those captured before and after her had given in, though she refused they so far had done nothing that would break her. 

She groaned a bit as she tried to move, She knew that torches were in the room, they were alight when they had come, but they were put out once they left to leave her in darkness, she knew the room was small and covered in stone tainted in browns and black from dried blood. Her body had gone into shock and it was slowly fading, the pain returning now in gentle whispers, though her natural healing abilities were now taking over, the wounds would heal so long as she was left alone. Though she had no hope that would happen. She didn’t want to waste her powers to see though the darkness was certainly eerie. 

 Her form shook a bit, her flesh still damp the cold air, and injured chilling her to the bone it felt. Though that the least of her problems. They would be back no doubt. They wanted something from her she would never give, she would not break, and she would not kneel and would not call anyone her master. She would not put her life in someone else’s hold

Selling the Unbroken Elf
In the dreary darkness the sound of soft sobbing could be heard echoing through the still air, The smell of blood, and urine rested constantly in the air, The Torches were placed high and no windows were offered, The large building built for the slave market, many rows of prison cells. The salty air hardly reached this place the sound proofing sealing it off from the outside. One could tell neither night nor day, time ceased to matter. The souls kept here were for profit. Their fates sealed the second they fell in the hands of the BloodZenith a band of slave traders, who specialized in exotic, and rare creatures. One section marked for only those of pure blood origins, rare in the age of man to find untainted creatures of lore. Most of the captured souls looked to the ground as footsteps would approach. Broken and scared, bruises marked their flesh, and chains locked to the center of the ceiling kept them from even attempting escape, the metal collar clamped about their necks. They could get to the door and step out a few feet but that all they could do, in the cell a stone slab worked as a bed resting in the center, and a single bucket was offered as a toilet, water was given but three times a day, along with small meals to keep them fed until they were sold. 

One such creature, in a cell near the back of the building, a beauty of a high elf, however she showed more marks, bruises and lashings across her flesh then most, still she remained unbroken she would not cower from the sound of approach, she would not shy from those who sought her, she was as defiant as the day they took her all those years ago, her will was strong. Her form sitting upon the concrete slab, facing the door, her black dress clung to her legs as she sat with them crossed at her ankle them not reaching the floor though they remained still against the cold stone. Her hips covered by the thin black fabric it resting against her flat stomach, and coming up in a corset type top to cover her chest in the same black fabric overlaid with lace. Her golden optics looking out from her fine features a defiant brightness to them that was certainly missing from those broken slaves. Her azure hair cascaded down her back she having braided small sections to keep it from getting in her face the long strands tossed carelessly over her shoulder. Her head held high as she sat with elegance and grace, Her demeanor demanded respect. She refused to give an inch, a high elf of pure blood would not break to the hands of mortals, would not easily bend to their will. 

 Her name was Kirai, she in her early twenties, and listed as partially trained upon the small selling card that rested by her cell door. She holding the power to heal, and rejuvenate, along with the skills of her breed, which offered, enhanced strength, agility, flexibility, and long life span. This information block was offered on every creature for sell, a small vial of her blood was held, her blood bright red would have a faint glow, her power resting within it hooked into a device attached to the wall the cell enchanted her blood added to it kept her powers sealed and worked with the collar around her neck, it suppressed her powers using her own blood against her, she weakened to the state of a mortal. 

Here she would sit, watching waiting she had seen many go to auction, she had seen those pulled from cells direct to buyers who had paid enough to skip such, but here she would wait, She herself had no control of her fate, Though still a near condescending smiled rested on those soft lips. She waiting on who would be foolish enough to think they could control her. 

Sold to
the fighting pits 
A slave serving years in the house of a noble lord purchased for the royal in his youth, one who had offered her much freedom, when he purchased her as the unbroken slave she was. A kind master she had gotten, a hand that reintroduced her to the gentle natures of the world with his tender approach, fostered her sense of self-worth, even if he could not expunge the rank she was forced to hold. She having not existed prior in any document of this land before her capture, even the noble rulers of the land could not free her from the tether the slavers had given her all those years ago.

But time changes much, and with time duty changes, as does fortune. The kind noble who had taken her could protect her no more, the time had changed, war had come to his land, and he forced to protect it. He leading wars, and advising allies, and nations against their enemies his estate was left to his children, they resting in their forties now, with younglings of their own. Kirai had been a facet of even their youth, though an unwanted one, disliked by the eldest for the fact she never aged, and served close with his father well before he was born, he feared for his blood right. He left in charge sold her, a slave in title her complaints answered only with a whip, and chains, bound again by those she helped raise, betrayed by the mortal nobles. 

 She had grown her powers of light, she would fight until her days ended amongst the beasts, and creatures of the underground fights. A high-elf purification and healing powers her gifts, though she had refined her blade in the 65 years she lived within the keep, defending the home, and training with the soldiers of the castle. 

  She bound to the carriage as she was taken from the home, she sat calmly and quietly. Her mind processing how this had happened, her fate unclear she herself had never seen the coliseum of Gou’ralis the small island just off the mainland.

Battle in
The transition from slave to fighting pit killer, didn’t go smoothly but it went well enough, She had to accept this was her life now, they starting to throw her into easy battles to give the audience something to look at. She starting first with a pair of dire wolves, the pair fought her she spending most of the fight dodging and spinning around the agile creatures, outpacing them, though the audience grew bored. Electricity danced from the small bangles that were placed on her arms and legs, dropping her form with a scream as the pain radiated through her, The wolves jumping at her as the electricity faded, the power offered to the trainer of the fighters in the pits, he allowed the creatures to sink their fangs into her. The canines sinking their teeth into her right shoulder and left arm. Before the electricity hit again driving them off. A simple warning for her. 

 “Yeah..I get it” She muttered to herself staggering to her feet blood running down her shoulder, and arm staining the soft sand under her feet. Her golden eyes scanning the walls, she of course didn’t want to be killed, she still young for an elf, A wall of weapons offered to every fighter in the pits. Her hands glowing as she ran touching her wounds and healing them though the red hue still marked the white shirt that hugged her pale skin, and the light blue skirt that was offered to her. The colors clashed against the yellow of the sand and sand stone walls, blood showing brightly against the fabric perfect for the show these gathered people were offered. One wolf matching her pace would be met with a kick to the jaw knocking it off balance causing it to stumble and hit face first in the dirt with a whine. The other growling as it charged her, The wall was close, she rolling out of the way as she heard those heavy paws displacing the sand behind her. She panting her 5’3 frame looked small compared to the wolves which stood 4 foot each. Certainly not a good debut fight.

 Though the wall was close she gripping a long sword her golden eyes holding to the wolves as the approached again she breathing heavily the crowed above her leaning over the 10 foot wall looking down at the show before them. Wanting the best view of the slaughter of this elf. Though her hand on the sword. She stood still it off to her side dropping her defense like she was giving up, nearly taunting the wolves before her. The smaller one approaching it’s tail flicking it lunged jumping up to tackle her down and sink it’s teeth once more into her shoulder or neck. Though it wasn’t to be. She smirked she had learned in the home of her former master, She knelt gripping the blade now with two hands as she placed the long sword against the ground the wolf had no way to adjust it’s course mid air , She would allow it’s form to work against it, Landing on the blade as she rolled out of harms way, as the hound whined and growled against the pain blood dripping down the blade  as it tried to get it out of it’s chest The struggled wouldn’t be long and Kirai would ignore the beast, it’s life already over.  Thought he other hound seeming enraged by the injuries of the other bared it’s fangs and was on her before she had chance to regain her footing it Pinned her. She using her legs to keep it’s jaws from clamping on her face, It’s own amber eyes locking to her own as it’s white teeth snapped and it’s drool splattered on her face in the attempt to bite her.

Her hands going to it’s eyes a bright light emitting from them in an attempt to blind the hound, the sudden light caused it to hesitated but it didn’t get off her, holding it’s ground holding her pinned. That wasn’t good it hunkered down when she needed it to jump away.

Her eyes closed softly her aura returning to her hands. “The light that be, Please forgive this creature” She whispered softly as her powers surged forth a blast of purifying energy from her hands slammed into the creatures jaw. It growled and jumped away, it jaw all but destroyed, The lower jaw dangling to it's neck, it's tongue lolling about, as it tried to growl in pain. Blood dripping from it’s mangled maw. She arming herself with a flail not something she was skilled in but she would spin the metal ball on the chain as she looked on. 

“Call the creatures off if you wished to keep them alive” She called her gaze to the pit master, the battle essentially won, she didn’t wish to kill them unnecessarily, They much like she was forced into this, she didn’t blame them, and she didn’t wish to kill them. The crowed chanting. “Kill…Kill…Kill” She sighed glaring, such blood lust these people held to things that did them no wrong, easy to do when your life is not on the line. The answer given a slowly growing electric feeling in her arms, she had to act or she would be the one to pay in blood. 

 “Forgive me, but you will be free to wander the netherworld” She stated softly her flail slamming into the skull of the wolf that was stabbed by the blade it tensed and shoot before it’s form collapsed completely upon the blade it dead. The other backing away from her now, it’s will to fight gone it severely wounded. She releasing the flail the light energy forming again as she would force it forth into a slender energy piercing the creatures skull killing it as well. She was disgusted with herself. But a choice had to be made. She leaving the corpses to the cheer of the crowed she heading out of the arena. The announcer calling her victory.

 “Our Debut battle of Kirai the High-elf,  She had defeated her foes, come see her next week for her next challenge!” He called out before he would call the next grouping out she no longer listening as she moved to return to the cells where all fighters were kept. 
Adult Hood

in the
Kirai didn’t have any fights today, a rest day for the high-elf, It had been many years already, she had formed a name for herself within the pits The elf of mercy.  She had the most survivals of battles then any, and once yielded she would always heal her combatants, she looked the same young woman who had arrived, though some wounds stuck with her, those to sever she could not heal well enough to return her flesh to perfection, or those given in the final moments of battle with no time for her to recover before exhaustion took her leaving the marks upon her frame. 

 like most battlers who had earned enough freedom to wander the underground fighting holds she enjoyed this freedom. Her power had grown much over her life time, she had a decent reputation among those she fought beside or against, and though her heart held many scars she refused to give in to hate, and darkness, she would sit in the main area, she no fool a day of no combat meant a day of no eating, but still she would have her meal, She trading her own powers to heal, for small offerings from the other competitors, the arena masters allowing this, it saved them time and money after, all. 

 She would sit with the same soft smile she always held upon her face, though admittedly her eyes had grown a bit colder over the last decade of watching those she tended to die in the pits, she now kept everyone at arms distance and tried not to allow herself to grow attached to any, they would all die sooner or later. Though those day also aligned with the slavers market, the new bloods would be coming in soon. She sighed softly as the sound of trumpets sounded, the sound of incoming recruits, the first bids placed on them as they entered the arena the last bit of fresh air they would have beyond their time in the pits, where everywhere you went held the constant smell of blood, and death, one all had to get used. These in her mind were fresh souls to slaughter, usually only 3 of the twenty or so who would arrive would make it past the first few weeks. She would eat a small piece of bread a recent trade for healing, It wasn’t much but the wound was also not sever, just poorly placed on the warrior.

The seasoned souls allowed to wander had full reign of the labyrinth, of cages and small commons area even a small bath fed by water from a stream, it cold but then it was at least a chance to be clean. When the fresh bloods arrived they would have but 2 days with the seasoned warriors to learn the ropes, Kirai rarely selected to be a trainer. Though those who enjoyed being trainers stood up front, wanting to have their pick of the litter, some for amusement, and others someone to torture, and some truly wished to help guide another to survival

A Slave 
No more

Freedom Granted. 
Kirai had served loyally in the pits it had been well over 30 years now, many contestants had come and gone, and she had faced more than her share of trials, though the crowed had changed, many had watched her fight since youth and the crowed grew dim for her battles. The royal family of the arena called her forth from her cell. She still seeming so young, though her gaze looked old, one who had seen much death, and much suffering, but still held the defiant glint even as she knelt. 

Over the years her muscles had grown a bit more firm and defined, her form toned as she wore leather armor upon her frame, her eyes closed as she remained knelt. The arena master speaking for her in the presence of the noble “I Sir Léonard have brought; Kirai, The elf of mercy,  as requested”  She rested calm and resolute in her position. A motion of his hand dismissed the arena rep her bowed and exited 

“Raise you head Kirai, You have served in the arena for many years Kirai, seen many battles and handled them all with grace, that has kept the amusement of your fans for the last three decades, it is for that, and the years you served that I offer this” he stated clapping his hands softly a bag of coins offered to her, the sack heavy. 

“I am granting you, your freedom, you served under my father and the last five years in my reign I have watched your battles, The coin you have drawn more then enough to pay for your freedom this a small token for you to begin your life anew. I have cleared your status, you are now a free woman. I will assign one of my knights to help you adjust, and learn of the changes to our kingdom You will be given quarters in the city alongside my own men, This for the next three months, after which time you are free to do as you wish” He stated looking down at the elf. She dumbfounded her golden eyes holding to the man her heart raced as his words sunk in, how long had it been? He said thirty years, it felt to have been a blink. She shook softly. Could this be true. 

“Thank you..your highness, you honor me with this… Blessing” She stated her voice high pitched how many years had she been kept as a slave. She shook the thought, she was to be free. 

 “Rise Kirai the high-elf free woman of Gou’ralis, take your coin, and the first step to freedom rest beyond the doors” He stated motioning for the doors to be opened and she released to meet the one who would help her, adjust to freedom.


A cold
It had been almost 200 years since she had returned to her home, artifacts of her people had been gathered, Revenge had been had, and every decedent of mortal who had enslaved her was now dead. She had killed the proprietor of every slave market she could find. A bounty on her head once more, but she cared little. Her days in the fighting pits, the long life of torment she had lived would soon be over. She was home. It was a long journey her home half way around the world from where she had finally landed. She was strong now, stronger than she ever could have been had the attack on her home never happened. She had learned much of the world, its darkness, its light, its people, and its creatures. Each person she crossed changed, and developed her, to who she is today, each hand guided her and helped her to find the path to returning home. 

The familiar bite of the cold nipped at her nose and ears, as she walked through the forest that hid her home, her carriage heavy with the stolen plunder she would return, He home in the mortal plain sold to offer her more coin still.  The trees had grown, the brush had tangled, and animals recalled from youth still scurried. She happy to see it after so many years, the forest had remained, the mortal hand had not downed the trees for their homes, and the demonic claws had not burnt it to the ground, this gave her the courage to step beyond the veil of trees. Her golden eyes bright as the mountains peaked beyond her home began to peak through. Her soft strides that had carried her so far, the sound of her horse’s feet crushing the snow under hoof would speed as she held the lead rope and sped her pace. The wagon lurching with a creek as she would move nearly to a run. She was nearly home, the signs of people she couldn’t miss! 

 The anticipation short lived. An arrow shot past her ear cutting the elf’s ear before striking the carriage behind her, she stopped her eyes widened as her hand drew her blade. “Show yourself” She called her demeanor changing instantaneously from excited glee, to cold killer. Her twin blades gripped in her soft hands, her violet hair the only piece of her now moving as the wind caught her tresses. Her form motionless barely a breath as she waited on the defensive. Her black leather outfit hugged her form as she stood, the last few lines of trees blocking the view of her home. 

Three elves appeared bows drawn and focused upon her form, their attire matched fur lined leather, and some sort of emblem resting on the shoulder. Her brows furrowed. Were these guards? Blood slid down her ear, before the cold air froze the red liquid as she stood, a standoff had formed. She couldn’t move or they would shoot, they couldn’t shoot or she would move, She staring them down her eyes focusing on the archer in the center, keeping the other in her peripheral vision, whispers of her breath slipping from her lips as a mist from her lips as she waited, whistling in the distance spoke that were calling someone, a higher official, reinforcements she didn’t know, but she did know these people were in her way. Preventing her from reaching her homeland.
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