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March 24th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 22
Country: United States

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February 17, 2018


12/02/2018 11:32 PM 

Waneta Bio

Name: Waneta.

Species: Mutated Dark Chao, similar to Chaos 0.

Alliance (Evil, Good, Neutral, etc.): Neutral, evil lean.

Powers: Chaokinesis, Adaptability, Shape-shifting.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Friends/Family: None.

Enemies: Unknown.

Age : Unknown.

Sex: None, referred to as female.

Body Color: Oily Black with blue bubbles inside, can change.

Eye Color: Fusha, can sometimes change.

Height: Can vary.

Weight: Can vary.

Noticeable Features: Waneta's base state is oily in nature, even having rainbow colors at certain angles. However, Waneta is highly adaptable and can take on the form of just about anything due to adaptive natures of Chao. Much like regular Chao, she can adopt qualities of things it connects with by now to a much greater extend than other animals. Her body can become fleshy, liquid, or even solid materials if chosen or offered as what to shape herself as.

Currently Residing: Free roaming,.

Personality: Due to obtaining more power than the average Chao and comparing herself to Chaos itself, Waneta sees herself as a god as well. She believes that she was made better than most others and is only seemed pleased when worshipped as such. Anyone that holds an opposing view, she finds enjoyment in punishing them a certain way.

Strengths: Her shape-shifting makes her highly versatile and she also has the ability to use Chaos Energy much like Chaos.

Weaknesses: Her physical weaknesses vary depending on her form. For example, her base state would be highly weak to heat even though it would not be able to kill her.

Backstory: Dr. Eggman, after his foiled plot of taking over the world, he found himself desiring the use of real clones. He saw much potential in Chaos, which was one of the copies that he used before. The mad scientist sought to recreate an army of Chaos creatures himself by forcefully mutating captured Chao. He decided that he would combine his fascination with Chaos Control on alternate realities to fuel their mutations
     However, as to be expected, the device to bring in excess Chaos Energy overloaded from instability which caused a mass explosion that set free almost all the Chao. Yet, Eggman did not fail as some excess energy when into one of the Dark Chao he had captured. He was unaware of his success though, having been knocked unconscious from the blast and letting the creation escape into the world.


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