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December 13th, 2018

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December 02, 2018


12/04/2018 05:01 PM 


just, damn, just listen ok?

If I bug you to much with replies LET ME KNOW idk how many dang times i have to tell people this only for them to not listen an for them to bitch an moan about me after

another thing
If I annoy you in any way, just f***in tell me i swear to god
bitchin an moaning ain't gonna fix sh*t an neither is callin out where i cant see it

if you don't want to rp with me
that's fine just let me know.

if you don't like me i ain't stoppin you from leaving why you here if you don't

do not be a f***ing salty lil prick just cuz I pointed some mistake, I didn't do it to make you feel bad or look stupid. half the time us humans don't realize the mistake unless someone points it out. chill your f***in ass/

DO NOT BE SENSITIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. by this I mean if like in the rule above you get something corrected, don't get all up in arms. If someone says to watch the show your character is from AGAIN when talking about plot ideas, don't get bent out of shape. I can not stress this enough, I got in stupid petty drama just because I tried to offer help by saying using the show as plot idea inspiro and they thought I was calling them stupid which then caused everyone else to get all up in arms with me (many friendships lost that day just because of one sensitive prick)
don't be that person 

I'm here to role-play not baby or hold your hand, I will be blunt and call you out on things I see stupid. such as very short time limits with no regard on if the person is busy or not or mistakes about names, character info, lore, anything.

that said
I do not role-play action, you know, fighting with swords and whatnot. I don't know how to do it. don't expect me to 
but I will accept dark sh*t like possessive or whatnot
But if you send me a random starter of your character just right away f***ing mine, do expect to be blocked right away.

However I do role-play smut, but not just smut, fluff and angst too
and don't worry about my age, I'm in the drinking range (if you ask for any sort of proof an don't accept what i give you then you can go)

last one
I SWEAR A LOT, I HAVE A SAILOR MOUTH AND MY THOUGHTS AND WHAT I WRITE WILL HAVE SWEAR WORDS IN IT. but it does NOT mean I'm having a attitude, if you wish to see my "attitude" I will gladly show it


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