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12/05/2018 02:41 PM 

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First things first~
Don't ask me to write or sign you're own blog or set of rules,
I actually won't do it, I WOULD F***ING READ IT YES!
but won't sign it because I hate all rules,
even my own and it was exhausting writing all this sh*t to be honest.
Now? I'm not asking you to sign it reading it is enough now piss off and read.

. . . INFO, LOVE NOTE & RULES [f***UiHATEuRules] . . .

Comments are for the casual, in other terms? easily ignored [sometimes] short IC interactions ;
Think of the comments as a wall/book where you leave your mark. I may reply leaving a mark back on yours as Reid Miller However, messages are for more concrete things/longer better replies.
For example, if you’ve asked Reid to go out with you to a bar? I’ll send the starter through messages. Surely, if you have any questions for anything! you can OOCly comment (still might be an off/on reply) and I’ll get to it right away.
Any OOC messages on my inbox are promptly encouraged to go to comments...["coughcough" don't do it, just say hi! we can talk from there] instead and then deleted. Hooray!]

Well, here’s where it becomes tricky. I’ve got a knack for suddenly being unable to appear due to WiFi issues which are unfortunately all too common. I try to get around this as much as possible, so you better be patient. This comes in on the whole plotting thing, which makes any long process longer. Discussions often take too long and drain the motivation to write[bite me], to me at least. I much prefer the characters interacting right off the f***ing bat, be it through status and what not and then we go from there-- With the flow of our creativity seeping through our fingertips. Or sex. Or my gun in you're mouth here's hoping I don't pull the trigger (honestly? I just might, haha!), or my fast character temper not having his f***ing way, mind you he gets... Violent.


STATUS BANTER ♥ ;  love this more then all else!
. . . }It's faster and f***ing easier!{ . . .
As stated before: encouraged and appreciated, mostly? VERY LOVED! It gives a light hearted and fun aspect to everything. No IC responses on OOC posts though, that just gets this silly mun confused and ignites an identity crisis and a big desire to screech.


Pick one or the other, I really don't care, I just re-made my character because my beloved ex return to me in my arms and has changed greatly that I love so much. Overall, pick one, and let me know, so sh*t don't get confusing as f***, it'll irk me more and piss me off.[<<< this was an in character reply, mun is actually friendly, and just wants to sex you hard to the ground, seriously. I TOP NEVER BOTTOM!]


Slightly new to Reid Glad Miller? and to role playing mature content to an extend of extreme violence  in general. Last time I played him I didn’t play him as well as I had hoped and I wasn’t entirely well emotionally either. [due to the fact of my love disappearing on me and leaving me behind thinking I did sh*t but that's behind us now]. So! a lot of fighting and discomfort ensued. But now, I got down the feeling, I’m fine and dandy and ready to do the sex- the thing! So, excuse the Rookie from the mistakes. To a new hardcore cheating two timing charming expert. Down to f***. Or Down to fight. Or Down to do a lot more~!


Did I mention Reid can be a bit of an a**hole? He is supposed to be that way and while I may have some personal bias through to some characters, he will be as neutral as possible and that’s his character. Do not take it to heart, it’s all in good spirited fun. If you do think something was personally directed to you (as the writer, not the muse) then do let me know to clear things up. Nothing my character says is done with guile towards the mun.
It's betwen character muse and character muse, not to writer mun to writer mun, we're here for f*** and fun no fighting each other about "in real" sh*t.
It's all play play.

R E L A T I O N S H I P  [POSSIBLE LOVE INTEREST]  with Reid Miller ;
Miller is a two-timing piece of sh*t, muse WILL flirt with about anybody, be it woman or man, or creature of whatever god you've created in you're image. AGAIN AS A REPEAT?!
MUSE WILL ALWAYS T O P ! muse is not a bottom... Reid will do the f***ing and mating or heat or whatever, Reid will NOT be the bitch asking and panting for it, Reid is a king! not an actually king.
ANYWAY! Got off track, muse will flirt and sex others, and will form relationships with other people freely, as an alternate universe in other worlds or same other kind. Phew, got that sh*t out off my shoulders,
[Mun is friendly thou! I swear! that I am!]
OH! Reid has a special person that he'll talk to non-stop. Due to the fact that this person has been missing in my life for about close to half the year. Don't get butt hurt about it, Reid still loves you, and I love you, much love/sex to go around.
Reid is a friend! Ex! Lover! Husband! and more! of course a mafia boss when he kicks his f***ing mother off the throne like the whore she is...(mother is an ooc in his backstory not an actually person or his mother or any mother, just a fake mommy needed in his story) God I'm talking to much, f***.


COMMON COURTESY ... stupid rules to "fellow" ;
I’ll explain the rules briefly. I hate rules. ! P E R I O D !

*Don't ask me to sign you're own rules if you have any, WILL READ! but won't sign, won't EVEN ask you to sign either... Because honestly? rules are f***ing stupid but people say it "helps" them.
_Sign if you want or say that you read
I don't give two sh*ts about it_
*Do not pester me for my replies! Really? I get a bad vibe out of all of that sh*t in itself, well ignore it, then move on to the next story/message.
*I would appreciate you kept your personal information to yourself as I will not mention M I N E ; the way people handle things in Ani? has taught me to never leave out personal information because some people be f***ing damn C R A Z Y! [I have little that I trust don't try to be in this pile, I've selected few already, and know and trust to a fault.] Don't be that bitch or bastard about it, what's done is done, move on. love you thou haha.
*I prefer Quality over Quantity, so write the length you can/like and I’ll give it my all to match up which I know I will. I like good punctuation and grammar, and it doesn’t have to be perfect but do your best for it to be understandable. Note; I don't even write good myself, due to excitement, or laziness... everyone's been there.


  Anyway ~
I think that’s about the end of everything in it! Tata my lovebirds,
I'd soon to be f***ing or knocking you up, who've read.


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