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March 24th, 2019

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June 21, 2018


12/05/2018 03:23 PM 

Ciel's Stats

NAME: Ciel Nenriki 
NAME MEANING: Ciel means “heaven” or “Sky” in French; Nenriki means “faith” 
NICKNAMES/ ALIASES: None, Give him some!
AGE/ DOB/ POB: 17-19 yrs old (Depending on rp)/ 05-31/ Somewhere in a land of Snow and Ice; Fennmont, Rasugal (Tales of Xillia/ Xillia 2) 
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Depends on Role-play 
GENDER/ RACE: Male/ Human
HAIR/ EYE COLOR: Navy Blue (spiky)/ Amber Eyes 
HEIGHT/ WEIGHT: 5’6”/ 108 lbs
PARENTS: Cyanna Mizuno-Nenriki (mother, human?, water charmer); Hiro Nenriki (father, human, former wanderer, warrior) 
SIBLING(S): Celeste Nenriki (younger twin sister) 
GRANDPARENTS: Cyanna’s parents (deceased); Hiro’s parents (fate unknown) 
AUNTS/ UNCLES: Ai Nenriki (aunt; Hiro’s little sister) 
OCCUPATION: Traveler, Warrior, Healer
LIKES: Cooking, traveling, taking notes, studying, meeting new friends, exploring.
DISLIKES: Pain, Injustice, Liars, Traitors, Spicy foods (can only tolerate a certain amount)
FEAR(S): Thanatophobia - 
Fear of Losing Someone You Love. Fear of losing someone you love is a common fear.
EDUCATION: High School, Medical School
SKILLS/ ABILITIES: Swordmanship, medical magic, blade artes, quick speed, high jumping ability, twin telepathy, quick study, snap pivoting, Mana absorption though artes to a certain degree.
WEAKNESSES: Low defense, even though Ciel is a master at speed and pivoting, he cant always focus, mana overload if absorbing too much, low mana when low on energy, can be angered a bit easily if provoked.
DREAMS/ GOALS: Becoming a traveling doctor, explore the world, 
STATS: Strength (B+), Intelligence (A+), Endurance (D), Magic (C), Speed (A-), Evasion (B)


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