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December 13th, 2018

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October 25, 2018


12/05/2018 09:13 PM 

Mal in Fairytail verse

I am going to start writing little posts based on what verse I roleplay in. Each verse is different from each other. The first one is obviously the anime Fairytail.

In this verse Mal is part of the wizard guild midnight Raven and her magic goes from being known as dark to forbidden because her magic includes curses and death spells. When she first arrived in this world she helped the guild Fairytail out with something only she could accomplish. Afterwards she was part of Fairytail for a little while but then left and hasn't been back to Fairytail in a long time. She was opening a portal to somewhere else but she ended up in the same world of Fairytail but in a different city. She saw an ice block in front of a building and went to the other side to find an entrance. So she went inside and then joined Midnight Raven and even though she hasn't been a part of the guild for very long she really enjoys it.


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