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December 27th, 2018

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 28
Country: Japan

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December 06, 2018


12/06/2018 12:28 PM 

Shika rules (read before roleplaying)

Hello I know most of you hate rules, I am old school do not like it then leave. I do have a discord you may add me only for roleplay purposes only. 

Shika#0649 that my code for my discord all is welcome to add. 

1. You add, you talk, I add I talk that simple. 

2. Muse are not allowed please delete me now If your not going to speak then why even add me?. 

3. I work I am 28 years old, I know some of you do not have jobs. Be patient I'll get to you. If your not patient then get the f*** off that simple. 

4. Drama I hate please do not start any drama. 

5. Romance and erotic I do only with adults not  childern that like child porn. Only when characters bond and as an old school roleplayer I am serious of roleplay relationships I want the world to know who I claimed and who claimed me please put taken and loved by shika and shika will do the same. 

Dont cheat on shika or you'll be kicked to the curb letting you know now. 

6. No one liners I hate that I do like challenges I like too muilti roleplay- to novella and to pargrapha that is well detailed. 

7. If you understand sign thank you.


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D a d d y


Signed and understood.

Posted on Sat Dec 08, 2018, 20:13



Evaluated, and understood your terms.

Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 12:03




Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 07:38



Thank you 

Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 00:12

Shika replied to Comment:

Understood and signed.

Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 00:45

The Dark One


Understood and signed.

Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 00:45

GoD時間の神I� Exiled One


Sign and understand.

Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 00:41

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