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December 04, 2018


12/06/2018 10:08 PM 

Information and Guidelines
Category: Guidelines

1.) My portrayal of Salazzle is intended to be Plumeria's Salazzle (Team Skull). 

2.) I typically write between para/multi-para/novella, depending on who I am writing with. One liners scarcely get a response from me. I have nearly ten years of experience in roleplay, so I do take it quite seriously. Literate, descriptive, and engaging starters will likely catch my interest more than a greeting with simply "hi".

3.) That being said, I by no means consider myself an elitist or the like. I love to write, so I'm not opposed to writing more casual or even flirty storylines.

4.) I am an adult. My character is an adult. I will not engage in sexual storylines with any minors; no exceptions. 

5.) It is extremely difficult to find a good Salazzle image that is not overtly sexual or too dark to use as a profile image. The images I use are not meant to be provocative in any way; I appreciate your patience while I work on creating a better image.

6.) Despite being a returning figure on this site for years, I have never been involved in a group storyline. I am certainly not opposed to this, but I figure it is an important thing to state ahead of time. I may need some step-by-step guidance if you decide to invite me to one.

7.) I am on discord, yes. I will only give it out to people I am interested in engaging with a big and in-depth storyline.

8.) Be warned now--I let my imagination run free while writing my characters, so Salazzle will be no exception. If your character insists upon pushing her buttons, I am not responsible for any decapitated heads that may go flying.

9.) I am primarily Pokemon based. Logical crossovers are encouraged.

10.) Writing is a fun experience, but it is a hobby of mine, not my full-time job. I work and attend college courses all week so there may be days I cannot respond to everyone. Your patience is extremely valuable to me. 

Thank you! I look forward to developing some wonderful stories.


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