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papa waѕ a rollιn' ѕтone

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March 24th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 109
Country: United States

Signup Date:
July 05, 2014


01/08/2019 05:43 PM 

Journal Stuff

I want to write
Write till the well of words in my mind runs dry
I want to write
Pour myself onto the page 
Get rid of all the lines that hold me captive
I want to write 
Write till the tension in my shoulders relaxes
I want to let go 
Of the anger and the sadness
I want this piece of paper
To gather all my stress and madness
I want to write 
Till the people that knew me
Begin to question their knowledge
I want to write
Till the pain in my heart ceases
Till the loneliness and defeat leave
I want to write till my thoughts release me.


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