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June 15th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 19
Country: Japan

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October 05, 2018


01/08/2019 07:39 PM 

Melisa Cho

Used for: modern-day supernatural/ thriller roleplay

Height:6 feet 2 inches

Melisa was born to parents she never knew, left on the doorstep of a Abbey with only her first name and a made up last name written on a little card as a legacy. The nuns, of course being the good Christian women that they were, took her in and raised her as a daughter of the church and of God. she took to this well enough. Read her bible every day, prayed every night before bed. Attended services on both Wednesdays and sundays...except when she was sick in which case she simply read along from bed. But..one day a young boy was brought into the Abbey to have an exorcism conducted on him for he'd spent an entire week under the tortuous grip of a demon. The priests tried and tried, praying over him, dropping holy water on him...nothing worked..until sweet little Melisa, only 14 at the time. Walked into the room with a look of determination in her eyes and prayed over the boy, casting the demon out. She'd found her purpose, since then she has served the role of a traveling exorcist


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