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January 22nd, 2019

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Gender: Female
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Age: 19
Country: United States

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February 17, 2018


01/09/2019 12:29 PM 

Kosma the Lizard Bio

Name: Kosma Kaluha the Lizard.

Alliance: Unknown.

Powers/Abilities: Super speed and strength, Ordakinesis.

Likes: Her father, Phistica the Spider, Irshad the Shark, Order, Orda Diamonds.

Dislikes: Purity the Hedgehog, Disorder, Chaos Energy/Emeralds, Master Emerald.

Friends: Phistica the Spider, Irshad the Shark.

Family: Markus Kaluha (father), Rosaline Kaluha (mother, presumed deceased).

Enemies: Purity the Hedgehog.

Team Power: Speed.

Age: 22.

Sex: Female.

Orientation: Bi.

Scale Color: Black with yellow tips.

Eye Color: Yellow.

Hair Style: Drawn up in a long ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Attire: Mostly a set of black leather jacket and pants, a black t-shirt underneath the jacket, and a pair of high heel boots, also in black.

Residences: Second to top floor of her father's skyscraper home.

Personality: Kosma grew up mostly under her father's guidance with a semi-formal business attitude. With her father's influence, she likes things kept in order and understandable to her as things that are not tend to be outcasted. As her father was chosen to be the guardian of the Orda Diamonds, she is the next in line to protect them and takes great responsibility in that duty. She is also very curious about them as she uses most of her time researching them. Kosma is also very smart and helps her father often with their home's engineering feats.

Strengths: Kosma is fast, agile, and strong. She excels at slipping around situations and going in from another angle, being a lizard. She is a great tactician and even is capable of building machines and robots. Thanks to her father, she is a strong leader and is quick to take charge when the role of a leader needs to be filled.

Weaknesses: Despite the kindness she adopts from her father, Kosma tends to immediately dislike anything that does not seem natural to her or easily understood to her, with the Orda Diamonds being the only exception. In that regard, she's rather close minded and dismissive. And with the important role she plans on taking, she extremely hates when her authority is challenged.

Backstory: In another universe, the ruling gems are known as the Orda Diamonds. A long held tradition was created where whoever was chosen by the gems to guard them would be the world ruler. And that is how eventually Kosma's father, Markus, became the world ruler. He did so with a kind hand and a strong sense of business, ruling over all the world's industries as well. Kosma's mother, when she was little, had tried to steal the Oda Diamonds late one night, but was carted off by guards and never seen again. Her actions had brought some shame to her and her father so she had helped to continue the family's prouder legacy and to a success. That incident lead her to hate her mother and much more in her father's footsteps and ideals.

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Purity the Hedgehog


Fun Facts: "Kosma" is a Spanish name meaning order and her last name "Kaluha" was a name I picked from looking at a website for female lizard names.

Posted on Mon Jan 21, 2019, 12:21

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