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01/10/2019 04:30 PM 


"Stay back! You aren't welcome here you monster!" the words were panicked and sharp as the visage of an uneasy platinum blonde stood out from the blackness. Her figure seeming to shield the likes of one far smaller, a little girl, behind her body with a pistol and blade in hand. The creeping shadow seeming to take a daunting shape that revealed a malicious cheshire grin. Never speaking a word as it lunged forward even against the likes of flashing steel and bullets. The pale child seeming to fall back to hug the wall in sheer terror of the violent scene before her. Heart pounding dangerously in her chest until the sound of a blood curdling scream filled her ears just before the thud of her once stalwart protector.

"M-Mama!" she shouted as her shivering body seemed to bolt forward to kneel beside the lopsided woman. "L-Lyla... Y-You have to run!" she barely declared as the shadow encroached once more with lifeless eyes. An inhuman screech echoed the hall that forced the girl to hunch over and grip her ears in pain. A black tendril shooting forth only to be intercepted by the human shield that leapt in the way of its true target. A pained cough and the feeling of warm water upon her face prompting the child to look up. How she wished she never had. 

Crimson liquid poured from the gruesome hole that was once her mother's abdomen, Trickling from the still embedded appendage onto her face. Unaware that the fatal wound had entirely coated her in her parent's blood. Fading blue hues looking down to wipe the girl's face as she could only speak in a weak whisper amidst her falling tears. "I.. I love you.. m-my sweet girl..." her hand fell lifeless as she was lifted into the air and immediately ejected from the tendril with a flicked thrash. Sending the still form flying into the wall behind her as the blood coated girl could only shake violently. Her snow white hair nearly turned entirely red by the remnants of the gory display.

The vicious shadow seemed to surround her in a hissed enjoyment, Savoring the sight of her distress and turmoil with sadistic glee. Unaware that beneath the blood matted hair those trembling azure hues seemed to bleed red from her pupil steadily. Hands visibly twitching as the blood that coated her body began to slowly drift over her albino flesh and pool to her hands. Contorting into near inhuman talons before she finally lifted her head and screamed at the vile creature as loudly as her lungs could muster. Bloody tears dripping down her face as she ran forward in a crazed fury towards the unnatural assailant. The sounds of tearing and screeches filling the once simple home with a sonata of pure carnage until all fell into an eerie silence. 

A loud gasp sounded from the once still form as the woman lurched forward in a cold sweat from her sofa. Blue eyes seeming to swirl in familiar conflict as she immediately covered them with her hands and curled her knees to her chest. "N-No! It's ok.. Just breath. Breath." she grumbled with difficulty in protest until, after a few breaths, her shaking form settled. Hands moving to finally expose purely blue hues beneath the sticking strands of unkempt white. "Sh*t... I need to get some air..." she mumbled before she finally lifted herself up and wandered to the kitchen to acquire a drink of juice. Another breath sounding before she decided on her next course of action, She'd get some work done. 


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