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Con. Coronation | Post 1 Sample


The Constantine's Coronation,
Cascabel A. Looejak.

♡  One day prior to the Coronation

“ This seems to be more of a private affair. How are you all to attend? ”

“ Yes, How are you all to attend? This makes no sense, it is none of our business to be involved in private affairs.”

“Yes yes, I agree. Private affairs!”

“Private affairs!”

“How peculiar…she did this without our knowledge. We did not approve this.”


The council’s banter echoed throughout the temple and she tried turning them into background noise. Why couldn’t they become static? She could care less for what they thought or how they felt. Tearing her character apart in front of all. Tearing her brother apart in front of all. Blatant disrespect to the queen’s name. She couldn’t stand them and their overbearing authority on her and her life.

They don’t believe you could hand a simple task….

A simple task...

“ Tuh....” She groaned amongst herself. “Ms. Cascabel, present yourself.” The council called to her in perfect harmony. Capella, her mentor hurried her to her feet and adjusted her posture and shoved her forward. Despite how Cascabel felt, she knew how to conduct herself amongst the council and the memories of when she didn’t was a cold reminder not to act out of line.

The council’s table set high like a supreme court, power exerting from each prestigious members. Serious in manner and respected by all, she could not deny them her rightful obedience. Approaching the bench, she kneeled on one knee and crossed her hand over her heart, and bowed her head. “Yes, my committee, Cascabel at your account.”

“ We had not approved nor did we know about this meeting that had taken place with these other deities. Once again, you have shown us your insolence and immaturity...but we understand it runs in the family. Your mother has never listened in the past..” She knew what that meant, clutching her other hand in anger and gritting her teeth in annoyance. “ She loves encouraging this...carefree nature of yours.” Councilmen Tiamat cleared her throat and adjusted in her seat, “All do respect to the Crown. She accompanied you and allowed the maiden boy…”

My brother... She refuted adamantly yet silently. Capella swiftly dug a heel into her back and shoved her head down.  “-With all due respect, my committee.” Finishing her sentence. “The council will strike that statement from the record, we are in a merciful mood. Ahem. It could have gone terribly wrong...however, you had  reinforcement with you, the queen approved rightfully, and we have new allies. Powerful beings by the looks of things... You thought things through and that was very mature. You may attend their coronation. You may invite your suitor Lady Biera, one guard of your choice, and heavy protection for the Queen..” Though her head remained down, her face lit with such happiness.

“ Under one extreme condition…”

She slowly raised her head in confusion.

♡  Constantine Coronation Day ♡

Comme c'est élégant et riche, raffiné et sérieux. J'ado~re les anges.”

Her voice was strong but soft, airy and whimsical, the words seem to flow from her lips like a river of romance. The French language tends to acquire that beautiful aspect when it comes to their speech, never cutting the words short but letting the sound flush from their lips like a gust of wind on a serene day; refreshing and fluid.

She only ever feels compelled to dabble in beautiful language when experiencing a spectacular sight. Handing the scroll to the guard, they walked along the bridge. She marched proudly with the beautiful and magnificent Lady Biera on her arm. To her right was her guard of choice and brother, not by blood, but his loyalty and the bond they shared made him family.

The Queen, her mother, was surrounded by exactly seven knights and three maidens that held a beautiful amber veil stitched with small red n’ pink roses cascaded over her body and drug behind her. She found it quite dramatic and yet, beautiful. She looked over her shoulder to gaze at her mother who was a distance away and smiled.

“Mommy, you look graceful.”

Her smile warmed and then faded as they approached the republic building door and entered with members of the Constantine family.

A bright grin brightened her concerned face as she examined the building and its members. “Magnificent..” As the party approached the table and Faisal, she stopped 6 feet away and took a knee, hand to heart. “ Thank you for allowing us to be present, we bring goodwill, wisdom, and an offering. We are grateful.”

As soon as the maidens removed the veil and walked away, she helped her mother to her seat and stood by her side in respect.


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