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01/10/2019 01:50 PM 

Kinky Kraken, Post 1 Sample


Kinky Kraken,
Cascabel A. Looejak.

The girl that leaped through space

Leaving fun and chaos in all her wake.

Reduced to a life of servitude and duty.

Tonight was her night to salvage in her beauty

Live a little.

Dance a little.

..She’s young a little

Lil’ Snake with an open heart and fleeting body

Cast your stones here to engage in some juvenile fun.

The night has only begun.

Run. Jump. Skip. Stomp. LEAP!

Like pebbles skipped across a pond, ripple n’ ricochet, she ran through gateway after gateway. Into another club, out of a another pub, fun in all her wake. A little trouble maker she was, but she enjoyed this time. She enjoyed this night.

Fun didn’t come often for her and very rarely did she enjoy herself. When she did find time, she dabbled into a little havoc of her own across many planes of existence. Unknowingly, she had left her friends behind. They’ll be alright, so she thought. Tonight, I am Cinderella.

Eventually, she tumbled out of a portal and onto a busy n’ dangerous street. She stood to her feet dusting herself off and admired the city. It had a certain j’en ai sais quoi about it. A certain danger and grit she wasn’t allowed to be around, it was alluring. I think I’ll stay, she contemplated.

“ Excuse me madam, you mind telling me where I am?  ”

She addressed a sketchy woman on the street, “New Reagal, Euphoria district.”

The information was useless to her, but it wouldn’t stop her from enjoying her night. Unknown territory equals new fun.

“ Mmm...thank you, Madam.”

Excited anyways, she proceeded down the busy street pulling a cloak over her head to hide her identity. She stumbled upon a nightclub called The Kinky Kraken and it seemed promising.

Go inside..

               Go inside…

Feeling compelled, she didn’t have a choice in the matter. Tonight was a night she acted upon impulses.

She cut the line, she didn’t care for the feelings of others, especially as they cursed her name as she proceeded to take lead. “ID?” She quickly flashed it, her credentials seemed legit. “You may go in.” She smiled and entered the building.

Not saying a word, she removed the cloak from her head and slowly removed the cloak allowing it to gracefully fall to the floor.

Her outfit was very risque and exposing: A wine one-piece gown tinged in red; backless, extreme spaghetti strapped gown that chiseled down just above her navel, and mermaid bell bottoms that flared beautifully.  

Confident, she glides past the crowds with ease gazing at the individuals she passed by. She made her way to the bar and kindly asked, Strawberry Mojito, please.” The bartender quickly made her a drink and she chugged it down with ease.

“What to do what to do…”

She grinned.


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