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惡魔: S O K A I M E

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August 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 21
Country: United States

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November 08, 2017


01/10/2019 08:15 PM 

Vigilante's Abilities

Species: Human 

Alignment: Neutral

A notorious fighter from the depths of the ' Inside ', Ghost is capable of enduring and dishing out abnormal amounts of power. Currently at his physical pique the man renown as ' Unlikely Hero ' is still learning many martial arts to better combat those who wish to hurt him. At present he is an expert kick-boxer & master of the Niko-Style, passed onto him by his late master Niko. ( It should be noted the term master is tossed loosely, he knows the basics however had been left to hone in on the skills himself for a majority of his training. It's safe to say he's a self-proclaimed master. )

The Niko Style is divided into four katas: the Adamantine Kata, the Flame Kata, the Redirection Kata and the Water Kata. Each kata has an 'ultimate technique' which are not necessarily the most powerful techniques, but are rather "aces in the hole" that can be used no matter what condition the user is in. 

  • The Adamantine Kata (金剛の型, Kong'ō no Kata) involves the tightening of the muscles (thus hardening one's body) for both defensive and offensive purposes. This kata is more suited towards striking. 
  • The Flame Kata (火天の型, Katen no Kata) is largely centred on footwork, giving the user incredible speed and agility. 
  • The Redirection Kata (操流の型, Sōryū no Kata): involves seeing and manipulating the "flow of power", using minimal motions to turn the opponent's attacks against them. As a result, this kata requires incredible kinetic vision and delicate physical control. 
  • The Water Kata (水天の型, Suiten no Kata) mainly consists of grappling techniques, and places emphasis on flexibility and fluidity of motion.


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