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February 15th, 2019

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February 17, 2018


02/09/2019 12:09 PM 

Order and Chaos - Chapter 2 - Entanglement

The second Emerald that Purity set after hunting down lead the hedgehog into the depths of West Side Island's Mystic Cave Zone. The silence within the caverns seemed both peaceful and ominous with the wind blowing through, the gentle dripping of underground water, and the gentle footsteps Purity made were the only sounds echoing throughout. It was clear it had had very few visitors over the decades as rusted parts and scraps of old-styled Badniks still laid about the ground, which unlike the rusted metal covering it in many spots, retained the sparkling of the gemstones that it was known for.

Unlike anyone else who may have entered the cave systems, Purity knew where she was going. Her senses were better than any radar guiding her to the next Chaos Emerald and didn't need to worry abut the reflective walls interfering with her new mission. While her current objective seemed fairly straight forward, the ominous feeling only seemed to grow the deeper she went.

She followed the path that lead her until she came to a more open space in the cave. Seemingly a few hundred feet up was a small hole that let some light into the cavern, bouncing off the glittering gems that took the form of stalactites and stalagmites. And as if it fell through the hole, the purple Chaos Emerald lay on the ground in a sort of spotlight.

"Ah, perfect." Purity would smile in soft thankfulness as she went over and picked it up off the ground. "At least this one was easy." She said before it was suddenly strung from her hand and her world turned, literally upside down.

"Of course I HAD to be the one to trail you through these caves and come after this one! I bet Irshad got a much cleaner job!" A voice hissed as a spider female descended from hiding within the gems above.

Purity wiggled as she was bound in silk at her wrists and ankles. "Me and my big mouth...Who are you supposed to be?" She gritted her teeth while struggling to break the strong webs around her.

"It isn't entirely your business, but it's Phistica." The spider girl stuck out a hand only to mockingly giggle knowing Purity couldn't, and likely wouldn't shake back. "I'm not too sure what Kosma said about you being so tough. Maybe I didn't trap the right blue thing?"

Phistica shrugged before starting to ascend back up the webbing that held her up . "Hey! Where do you think you're going? Give back the Emerald!" Purity shout and wiggled more, not wanting to lose a second Emerald so easily.

"Finders keepers. Shame I won't get to keep it for long! You can just hang around there for a while!" Phistica's giggling would echo more as she reached the ceiling and crawled out the hole at the top which left Purity, swaying by the web threads that trapped her, down two Chaos Emeralds now.


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