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February 15th, 2019

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February 17, 2018


02/09/2019 11:15 PM 

Order and Chaos - Chapter 3 - Wash Out Frenzy

Purity pulled herself off a tree and shook away the last strand on webbing that was stuck to her. She had lost hours off her time being stuck in Mystic Cave Zone, with the webbing eventually having worn off enough for her to get out of most of them. She had been shaking off pieces of it still as she had heading to the plentiful sun soaked beaches of Wave Ocean.

She was hoping to be lucky, as two Emeralds seemed fairly close to each other here, near a more heavily forested inlet, yet once again Purity would find herself beaten to the next Chaos Emerald. The somewhat brutish appearance of a shark before her, clad in matching denim jeans and a jacket, clutched both the indigo and blue Emeralds.

"You must be with lizard girl and co. Irshad then, is it? Let go of those Chaos Emeralds." Purity glared at him, only to take a ready stance as Irshad turned his head to look back at her. Then he turned fully to face the hedgehog, making his size apparent. He wasn't overly buffed, but decently toned and clearly physically strong.

"I cannot do that." He would simply say before he suddenly dashed at Purity with a surprising amount of quickness. Just making the dodge in time, Irshad's head collided with one of the towering palms and knocking it clear down with just that hit. Before Purity could be fully surprised at such strength, he was already quickly turning at her with his jaws.

Every step she would take to move out of the way, she seemed to be met with his jaws clenching at her, a fist swinging her way, or Irshad's entire head coming at her again. She couldn't find any opportunities to try and strike back, except for one. When he seemed to duck after another chomp at her, Purity went to leap to a tree and back at him for a heavy hit. Her jump back, however, was met with the heavy force of his tailfin smacking her back out onto the shore.

She groaned and shook her head while getting back to her feet. She tried to retaliate quickly with a dash into him but found her movements drastically slowed as a large ball of water had engulfed her. She tried to get out by moving in any direction, but Irshad seemed to keep the flow inward enough to fight against her movements.

With the water trap, panic slightly set in as she tried and clawed the water to try and get free. It was all to no avail as the hedgehog worked her limited breath to exhaustion with the shark finally letting her crash to the ground in the last moments before striding off.

Purity eventually got up and coughed heavily to relieve the water out of her lungs. Gasping and shaking slightly as she got to her feet, she begrudgingly had to carry on to get the next Chaos Emerald. Losing them seemingly at every turn was starting to worry her now.


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