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February 15th, 2019

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September 03, 2018


02/09/2019 03:18 PM 

Rules (Please read)

Please respect and follow my rules please, if you don't I will give only one warning before I will block/delete you without a second thought.

1.) Don't be a straight up pervert, I understand if that might be how your character is but if its outside of a roleplay and just us talking then don't be saying dirty.perverted, and stupid sh*t.
2.) Don't be a jerk, if you are not happy with something then talk to me. Don't be a jerk and just be cold to me, I understand if sh*t happens in your real life and I will listen if you need someone too but don't take it out on me.
3.) No one liners, I would prefer at least a paragraph or so for a reply. Also don't rely on me for every idea and such for the roleplay, or leave it to where I don't have anything to really work with.
4.)While I might not mind doing roleplays with smut/18+ stuff in them, I wont do them if their only about sex, i there's way to much detail, if its forced, or if it takes a while to get through (I feel comfortable if it'll take at least two or three replies to get through, from both sides). 
5.) Where I do romantic themed roleplays, please don't rush into it. I understand if you're excited or whatever to get into romantic stuff, but I hate it when characters fall in love or start dating in like a day or so they meet. I like to write where they meet, become friends, get close, and then become a relationship (That going along with anything sexual, I'll feel more comfortable doing it after they start dating.)
8.) No Furries or animal like characters (I understand if people enjoy those kinds and respect that, but their not really for me so please respect that. I might be okay with characters being part animal, like neko's or such).
9.) I understand people can be busy and can't reply right away (I'm the same), but please do not take a week or even a month to reply back. I'll think you're ghosting me or something, which will make me want to just delete our story and you.
10.) Don't try controlling me, my character, my writing, or what she does. (Examples: "She could easily hear (whatever)" or "while he done this, she could hear/see/feel (whatever)")
11.) Have fun, don't be a little bitch or jerk. I come on here to enjoy writing and to have fun, I don't want to hear drama or deal with it.


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