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Litil Devata

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February 15th, 2019

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December 03, 2018


02/09/2019 05:21 PM 


The somewhat small and delicately formed oddly colored cub slowly padded over the darkly colored hard packed ground, a slender tail swishing gently behind it's small form. Duo colored paws kicking up small puffs of dirt and dust. Dainty black claws digging into the earth when she saw someone far off from her. Bright lavender hues glittering like amethysts stones as the light of the moon hit them. A small huff escapes from her small sky blue and purple hued muzzle as she glanced around for a somewhat decent hiding spot for her small form.

She soon spots a fallen log that appeared to be somewhat hollow, she darted into it with a soft scrape of her paws on the old slightly rotten wood. She curled her small form up into a tight little ball, in order to take up as little room as she possibly could. She just hoped that she would be unnoticed by anyone that might have spotted her. Then again the white on her coat is easily spotted at night, her colors make her easily spotted in just about any place that she is in. 


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